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bril­liant over­tak­ing One of the most thrilling places to watch bike rac­ing, and the most dan­ger­ous sec­tion of

the track for rid­ers It’s not straight! The top boys are do­ing 170mph here and if you get it wrong, there’s no run off Not shown on this 1970’s map, Farm Bends is a slip­pery, of­f­cam­ber chi­cane that

breeds high­sides A great spec­tat­ing spot. You can get so close to the rid­ers plus you can cross the track

at the foot­bridge Af­ter el­bow bash­ing at Mere Hair­pin, Sheene Rise is so steep it feels ver­ti­cal. It’s hard to keep the front down

MCN Se­nior Road Tester Age 39 Height 5ft 6in Has cov­ered over halfa-mil­lion road miles.

Michael Neeves

MCN Se­nior Road Tester Age 46 Height 6ft Pro­fes­sional road tester for 13 years.

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