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Ways to make your bike from the thieves Some­one out there wants to part you from your bike – don’t make it easy

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1Out of sight, out of dan­ger

Bikes aren’t com­mon­place, so thieves have to know they’re there to stage a theft – bur­glars can bank on valu­ables like TVS and jew­ellery, but Fire­blades aren’t be­hind ev­ery door. So don’t make it ob­vi­ous there’s a bike on the prop­erty – keep road-fac­ing garages closed, wash it around the back, and don’t make a big deal of warm­ing it up with loads of revs. Think of the lit­tle things too – that VR46 on the back of your car only means one thing to sharp-eyed crooks: you’re worth scop­ing out.

2Ob­sta­cle course

The best thefts are quick, quiet and easy. So the more you put be­tween your bike and a means of es­cape, the bet­ter. Park cars tight to gates. Use bins to block pas­sage­ways. Place kids’ bikes and other garage clut­ter be­tween the bike and the door – make that stuff work for its place in your shed. Think­ing out­side the box, if you can iso­late your garage power sup­ply, turn it off when you’re not in there. If some­one wants to get bikes out, they’ll have to do it in the dark and with­out power tools.

3Locks away

When fit­ting a ground an­chor, don’t just place it for con­ve­nience. If you can get at it eas­ily, so can crooks. Cor­ners are best – es­pe­cially if the bike is then chained down over it. No lock or chain is un­de­feat­able, but ef­fec­tive at­tack re­lies on ac­cess with tools. If you’re lock­ing bikes to­gether, park them tight to­gether – pad­dock stands or cen­tre­stands are good for this. Loop the chain through so the lock isn’t eas­ily ac­cessed with any­thing larger than a key and a hand.

This might look a mess but it’s a cun­ningly as­sem­bled thief ob­sta­cle course

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