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4 Make some noise

Stealth is the friend of the bike thief. Get in, lift the bike and get out be­fore any­one no­tices. Make it harder for them to be stealthy – if a crook can’t get in qui­etly, you stand a chance of hear­ing them, or just as of­ten, the po­ten­tial to be caught in the act puts off less pro­fes­sional bike thieves. Alarmed bike se­cu­rity and even a cheap alarmed pad­lock on your gate in­crease the chance of rum­bling them. Less ob­vi­ous mea­sures: gravel drives, yappy dogs and creaky hinges left un­oiled. Of­f­cuts of cop­per pipes leant up against the back of a door make a sur­pris­ing din if dis­turbed, too.

5En­try point

Nick­ing a bike de­pends on be­ing able to reach it in the first place, so ex­am­ine your doors and gates for ways to make them more se­cure, and throw yet an­other ob­sta­cle in the path of crim­i­nals. A hasp and pad­lock is a good mea­sure, but only if it can’t be eas­ily un­screwed and cir­cum­vented. Ex­posed hinge screws are quick and silent to re­move, and mean you don’t need to de­feat the lock – choose in­ter­nal hinges, or spec your garage/ shed with a proper, mul­ti­point lock­ing se­cu­rity door. Ba­sic up-and-over garage doors are dead sim­ple to de­feat – adding bolts and locks is a must.

6Love thy neigh­bour

Over­come those anti-so­cial urges. Be­ing sur­rounded by friends who un­der­stand your rou­tines, know what you’ve got and who should (or shouldn’t) be around is bet­ter for se­cu­rity. Rather than be­ing cu­ri­ous on­look­ers, as hap­pens all too of­ten in all types of crime, it’s bet­ter to have neigh­bours who might act in your in­ter­est.

7Tools away

What’s in your tool­kit? Drills, saws, files, maybe an an­gle grinder? Any­thing good for at­tack­ing your bike’s locks needs to be at least hid­den away, or ideally locked up in its own right (which will keep them safe too). Spend­ing time and ef­fort lock­ing your bikes down is a waste of time if you also pro­vide the means to ef­fec­tively de­feat the locks.

8Tech­ni­cal so­lu­tions

House alarms (that also cover out­build­ings) can send alerts to your phone, per­sonal in­truder alarms in garages and CCTV can be ac­cessed on var­i­ous devices any­where too. You might also want to con­sider a tracker. De­pend­ing on the sys­tem, they can be set to alert you to small move­ments, or ones out­side a cer­tain area, and give you a chance of tak­ing ac­tion.

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