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“Yes, we had a tech­ni­cal is­sue with the jump start cam­era record­ing and play­back sys­tem. Some im­ages would not dis­play cor­rectly, how­ever we were able to iden­tify six jump starts and th­ese rid­ers were in­formed im­me­di­ately and made ride-through penal­ties. When we had the sys­tem run­ning cor­rectly again we iden­ti­fied two more jump starts - Mor­bidelli and Cortese.

“The rules say that a ride­through penalty must be com­mu­ni­cated to the rider be­fore the end of the fourth lap, and when a ride-through is not pos­si­ble, the stan­dard time penalty of 20 sec­onds is ap­plied. We are aware that 20 sec­onds does not ac­cu­rately re­flect the ride-through time at ev­ery cir­cuit, so we are ask­ing the GP Com­mis­sion to look at this rule.

“Some teams have said that the Mor­bidelli jump start was ob­vi­ous, and asked why didn’t we just pe­nalise it im­me­di­ately. Clear ev­i­dence is re­quired, which is why we have a cam­era (500fps) on each rider with the red lights shown in the same frame, so it is clear and ev­i­den­tial whether the rider moves be­fore the red light is out.

“The TV feed of the start shows the bikes, but not the red lights in the same frame for ev­ery bike, so even if, on TV, it looks like a jump start, it is not hard ev­i­dence (a bike leav­ing ear­lier than the oth­ers could be just be­cause the oth­ers were slow). And, of course, long gone are the days when we re­lied on a grid mar­shal to call in a jump start, so the ded­i­cated jump start cam­eras are the only hard ev­i­dence, re­gard­less of what the teams on the pit wall see.” Length: 3.34miles Cor­ners: 16 – 6 left, 10 right Long­est straight:


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