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chased him. I’ve done Harry Potter, the Bourne Ul­ti­ma­tum, I’ve just done the new Bourne with Matt Damon (due to be re­leased late 2016 – Ed), the lat­est Mis­sion Im­pos­si­ble... I’ve done so much in the last cou­ple of years.” So how would you de­scribe your skillset? “I’m very pre­cise, very smooth and ex­tremely calm. Noth­ing flus­ters me. A lot of the stunt boys saw me jump a bike on to the boat and said ‘How the hell can you be so calm?’ But for me, when you’ve done su­per­cross or GPS, jump­ing onto a boat isn’t much of an is­sue. Plus I’m quite big and strong so can han­dle a bike with a cam­era – and some­times I’ve 100 ki­los on board. Smaller guys might be OK rid­ing but come to the end, try to turn round and fall off. With a mil­lion pounds worth of cam­eras you can’t af­ford to do that.”

It sounds very glam­orous… ‘We go to some nice places but we go to some hor­ri­ble places as well. Ev­ery­one thinks ‘Film in­dus­try – glam­our!’ It is if you’re the main ac­tor but if you’re crew there’s a lot of wait­ing around. So no, it’s not glam­orous but I en­joy it.”

But it must feel good to see your­self in those movies? “Oh yes, it does, but in an­other way it spoils watch­ing films be­cause you know how they’ve done things, the tricks they’ve used and so on.”

If you had your time over would you change any­thing? “If I’d been aware I was go­ing to re­tire when I did I would have pre­pared my­self a bit bet­ter, maybe gone to col­lege. But I’m happy with the way things have gone. I don’t as­pire to be a mil­lion­aire. As long as we can get by I’m happy.”

Film cred­its in­clude Mis­sion Im­pos­si­ble Itõs not all glam­our, but itõs good fun

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