Wings? They are noth­ing new

Even Hail­wood's Suzuki had them back in the seven­ties MCN STAR LET­TER

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Guy got me in a spin

I am ex­tremely pleased and sur­prised Guy Martin sur­vived his suc­cess­ful record at­tempt on the Wall of Death. I still don’t know how he re­mained able to ride a bike at over 6G!

Stick­ing the boot in

In re­ply to Andrew Gush’s let­ter (MCN March 23), on no ac­count should you wear welling­ton boots on a mo­tor­bike. They may be wa­ter­proof but they of­fer zero crash pro­tec­tion and could ac­tu­ally in­crease the risk of in­jury. Should Andrew be un­lucky enough to slide down the road, the rub­ber would in­stantly melt when it made con­tact with the tar­mac. That could cause a com­pli­cated twist frac­ture to his leg as the boot glues it­self to the tar­mac but his body keeps go­ing or, the boot will be left be­hind, his foot will come out and he will con­tinue his slide in his stockinged feet. Get a pair of boots built for mo­tor­cy­cling.

Tri­umph's Triple Crown

I’ve just come back from a test ride on the new Tri­umph Speed Triple R, kindly ar­ranged by my lo­cal Tri­umph dealer, Team Roberts. Wow! What a bike! I have owned and rid­den three gen­er­a­tions of the Speed Triple and each has been a sig­nif­i­cant im­prove­ment, but this new one tran­scends all. If you had asked me be­fore the ride what dif­fer­ence I ex­pected to find be- tween the new Triple and my ‘old’ 2012 Triple R I would have said, ‘not much’. I can’t be­lieve such a step change to be pos­si­ble. The old ma­chine was su­perb, but the lat­est Tri­umph is truly out of this world: the trac­tion con­trol, the en­gine modes, brakes, han­dling, per­for­mance, feather-light clutch, slick, smooth gear­box… even the mir­rors. Just one prob­lem, of course… how the hell do I per­suade my wife to let me have one?

Saved by Kan­gol

It was in­ter­est­ing to read your ar­ti­cle about the demise of Bri­tish hel­met firms and sad to re­flect that yet an­other great Bri­tish in­dus­try has bit­ten the dust. But I’m very grate­ful that once-upon-a-time a com­pany called Kan­gol made great full-face hel­mets, oth­er­wise I wouldn’t be here today! I was knocked off my bike in 1974, when I was 17, by a van driver who pulled out of a side road. My hel­met was split badly on the right side but did its job in pro­tect­ing my head; sadly my col­lar-bone didn’t fair so well! Still, 42 years on and I’m still rid­ing and have not had a ma­jor ac­ci­dent since, so maybe that one taught me a good les­son in be­ing aware of id­iots!

Brit lids live on with Davida

Re­gard­ing the ar­ti­cle on the sad de­cline of the Bri­tish hel­met in­dus­try. Like Bri­tish bikes the de­cline was se­vere but not ter­mi­nal. You seem to have for­got­ten Davida ( who have been man­u­fac­tur­ing a range of hel­mets and other gear for many years.

Rossi should shut up

Rossi has a hissy fit at Lorenzo for get­ting in his way dur­ing free prac­tice <yawn>. When does Rossi never have a hissy fit at any­one he con­sid­ers a ri­val? It is get­ting to the point of be­ing bor­ing. Rossi/stoner; Rossi/lorezno; Rossi/mar­quez; Rossi/ Lorenzo... and so it goes on. Come on Rossi let’s see you per­form on the track.

Care­less talk costs bikes

Liked the anti-theft fea­ture (MCN, March 23) and would like to add to it. Ask­ing neigh­bours to keep an eye open is a good idea, but with­out wish­ing to sound rude, ask­ing them to keep mouths shut is also a good idea. Some years ago I was an ‘on-the-doorstep’ sales­man. Most peo­ple were out at work when I called. Sim­ply ask­ing the neigh­bour if they knew when folk were likely to be home usu­ally re­sulted in a full his­tory of when each fam­ily mem­ber was likely to re­turn, of­ten in­clud­ing de­tails of ve­hi­cle which would be out­side. I am sure any­one wear­ing a leather jacket or car­ry­ing a hel­met could eas­ily find out all they needed to know about bikes and owner.

Slow down and move over

I am a cy­clist and a reg­u­lar rider in the York­shire Dales and am sick and tired of some mo­tor­cy­clists who pass too fast and too close.

Like it’s mor­ph­ing into a bi­plane Andrea Ian­none’s Du­cati looks The un­flap­pable Mike Hail­wood sport­ing wings on his Suzuki back in 1979 Kan­gol saved Steve Evans’ ba­con

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