Mo­tor­cy­clists should stick to­gether more

Motorcycle News (UK) - - Comment - Gareth Ash­man, 01733-468118

Mo­tor­cy­cling is all about free­dom and do­ing some­thing a lit­tle out of the or­di­nary.

Most bik­ers em­brace that slightly anti-es­tab­lish­ment per­sona. And while most of us won’t ad­mit it, we also en­joy the slight hint of danger that rid­ing a mo­tor­cy­cle gives us.

Chuck a leather jacket on and a full-face lid with a tinted vi­sor and most of us think we’re about to star in the lat­est Mis­sion Im­pos­si­ble film – even if we are just pop­ping to the shops for a pint of milk!

For many the joy of mo­tor­cy­cling is about get­ting away from it all. About get­ting out on the open road with­out any­one de­mand­ing a piece of your time. It’s when you can ex­plore the uni­verse incog­nito.

It’s time away from daily pres­sures, from ring­ing phones (un­less you have a high-tech hel­met), from the usual stresses and strains. It’s about liv­ing for the mo­ment and think­ing about that next cor­ner or rise in the road or gearchange. Of­ten, and for many, it’s about ex­plor­ing one’s in­di­vid­u­al­ity. Whether that’s in the way you dress or they way a bike is cus­tomised.

Ev­ery now and then, though, it’s nice to feel the ca­ma­raderie that bik­ing brings. Whether it’s that sense of per­se­cu­tion that unites us or a sim­ple un­spo­ken un­der­stand­ing that shar­ing such a life-af­firm­ing past-time gives us – it mat­ters not.

I’ve had some amaz­ing mo­ments lead­ing or be­ing part of a large group of mo­tor­cy­clists rolling through the coun­try, mak­ing peo­ple turn their heads as a long line of two-wheel­ers re­ver­ber­ates through their town or vil­lage.

It’s not some­thing I’d choose to do too of­ten, but a mass ride­out from time to time makes a bold state­ment to the pub­lic at large. It says we ex­ist and we share a pas­sion and we can’t all be wrong.

At the very least it makes peo­ple sit up and take no­tice of mo­tor­cy­cling.

I will be join­ing 300400 like-minded souls in a ride­out from But­lins to Cad­well Park in a cou­ple of weeks time as part of the MCNLIVE event and I’d urge ev­ery­one to give a mass ride­out a go this year, it’s good for the soul!

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