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6 Know your mods

Per­for­mance-en­hanc­ing mod­i­fi­ca­tions like full ex­haust sys­tems or in­ter­nal en­gine up­grades of­ten at­tract an ad­di­tional premium but some smaller ones won’t need to be de­clared with some in­sur­ers. Ben­netts, for ex­am­ple, have a list of 16 com­mon mod­i­fi­ca­tions that won’t af­fect your premium and don’t need to be de­clared. But it’s al­ways best to check with your bro­ker, to stay on the safe side. It’s also worth ‘mod­ding’ the rider too, says Becky Gaskarth, who points out that you can get up to 10% dis­count on your premium with cer­tain ad­vanced rid­ing qual­i­fi­ca­tions.

Be pre­cise with your ad­dress

When it comes to ap­ply­ing for an in­surance quote, make sure you sub­mit the cor­rect ad­dress. You don’t nec­es­sar­ily have to live at the ad­dress where your bike is stored, but you must de­clare this and also give full de­tails of the ad­dress where the bike will spend most of its time as this in­for­ma­tion will af­fect your premium. De­vitt’s Nick Chavda ex­plains: “If you keep your bike at one ad­dress (locked up at an of­fice in Lon­don is a com­mon one) and live else­where you need to sep­a­rate the two. Your home ad­dress has to be your home ad­dress, and not just where the bike is kept. A lot of peo­ple trip up on this.”

7Don’t max out your ex­cess

Nick Chavda: “Max­ing out your vol­un­tary ex­cess will re­duce the cost of your pol­icy, but maybe only by 5-10%. It won’t cor­re­late at all to what you put in. Some­times peo­ple will take up a pol­icy on a bike worth £500, and they might have a com­pul­sory and vol­un­tary ex­cess that adds up to £500 too, so wouldn’t re­cover any of the value of the bike if it were stolen.”

8It’s all about the NCB

What’s re­ally im­por­tant to the in­surer is your NCB (no-claims bonus). “A lot of peo­ple will make the mis­take of can­celling a pol­icy, maybe in the win­ter,” says MCE’S James Davey. “The money saved by do­ing this pales in com­par­i­son to how much of a sav­ing NCB can give in the fu­ture. On larger bikes hav­ing three to five years NCB will re­duce your premium by 50 per cent.”

9Use a com­par­i­son site

It’s not a tip from our in­sid­ers, but when­ever you’re ar­rang­ing in­surance, it’s in­valu­able to re­fer to a com­par­i­son site like mc­n­com­ Com­par­i­son sites draw to­gether quotes from many com­pa­nies so you can eas­ily see which is of­fer­ing the cheap­est cover. Our fig­ures show seven out of 10 riders save money by get­ting in­surance through MCN Com­pare.

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