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SS: The Swedish GP was just like any other race re­ally. Be­cause there were plenty more races left that sea­son, he wasn’t too wor­ried about try­ing to wrap the ti­tle up. He was just lucky that he did – be­cause then he didn’t have to go to any more races to make sure of it! Af­ter­wards, we just went back to the ho­tel. Of course, every­one was con­grat­u­lat­ing him and stuff, but it was just like he’d won another race – ex­cept he’d won the world cham­pi­onship as well. We had din­ner at the ho­tel as nor­mal, had a few drinks as nor­mal, and then just went to bed and went home in the morn­ing – very happy!

SP: It was party time 24/7 at his place in Wis­bech any­way so win­ning the world ti­tle didn’t make that much dif­fer­ence! But I do re­mem­ber one big party to cel­e­brate his ti­tle at Piers For­rester’s house (an aris­to­cratic friend of Sheene’s who once dated Princess Anne) in Chelsea. Gary Nixon turned up, I think Johnny Ce­cotto was there, and ob­vi­ously there were lots of girls too. But we had so many par­ties that, to cel­e­brate his ti­tle, we just prob­a­bly got that bit more pissed and had more girls!

SS: He wasn’t any dif­fer­ent at all af­ter win­ing the ti­tle - he just wanted to do it again the fol­low­ing year! So there was a bit of added pres­sure in 1977 be­cause every­one ex­pected him to do it again too. Barry’s ti­tle-win­ning bike from 1976 sits in the house here and his medal for win­ning the ti­tle is here too.

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