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C'mon feel the noise

I’ve re­cently pur­chased a 2011 Aprilia RSV4 Fac­tory and de­cided to add my own touch with the odd mod­i­fi­ca­tion. A new can was top of my list so I de­cided to go British and bought a GP3 Car­bon can from Pipew­erx in Lan­cashire and I’m so glad I did! I use my bikes for track­days and un­like most of the biking pop­u­la­tion I didn’t re­alise how noisy the RSV4 is, so you can imag­ine my panic when I ran the bike through noise test­ing at Snet­ter­ton and it just crept through at 102db. I left with a warn­ing from the mar­shal to ‘take it easy or you’ll get a black flag’. I con­tacted Pipew­erx the next day and ex­plained that I’d pur­chased the GP3 can purely be­cause it looks stun­ning. Jeff at Pipew­erx couldn’t have been more help­ful, the guys built me a new si­lencer that has brought the noise down to 98db with the baf­fle fit­ted, they built it the day I or­dered it and it ar­rived the next day!

Bro­ken wings ruf­fle feath­ers

There has been a lot of talk about the use of winglets and the safety of other rid­ers, but has any­one con­sid­ered the af­fect of a dam­aged winglet on the rider. If a rider goes into the gravel and dam­ages the winglets on one side of the bike only, and gets the bike go­ing again (as is per­mit­ted in Mo­togp), pre­sum­ably he would he be rid­ing a very un­sta­ble bike with un­pre­dictable han­dling, par­tic­u­larly at high speed. It would be un­rea­son­able to put the re­spon­si­bil­ity of a safety check on the mar­shals as the rider would not hang about while the winglets are checked. If winglets are here to stay, should BSB rules be con­sid­ered; if a bike is dropped then no re­mount?

Du­cati must face the ugly truth

I agree with Si­mon Pat­ter­son (MCN, March 30) that Mo­togp ‘is a pro­to­type class, all about de­vel­op­ing tech­nol­ogy for the fu­ture’. But please, keep those winglets away from road bikes. The wings on the Du­cati have more in com­mon with Wacky Races than the sexy look­ing bikes we’re used to see­ing from the Ital­ians.

Dovi's my run­away favourite

I’ve al­ways ad­mired An­drea Dovizioso as a racer, never more so than in Ar­gentina when, af­ter be­ing taken out by his team-mate, he got up off his arse and ran, push­ing his bike all the way to the fin­ish with­out the tantrums some other prima don­nas would have thrown. Dovi – Man of the Match and un­der­stated GP hero. Let’s hope he gets some wins this year, he de­serves it.

He's do­ing what?!

Some peo­ple have com­mented that Keith and Ju­lian (BT Sport Mo­togp) are a bit over the top; I think they are bril­liant but I some­times won­der what they are watch­ing. This week in Ar­gentina they said things like “Ian­none and Dovi are go­ing at it” and “he’s kiss­ing Rossi’s rear” and “he’s up inside him”. What can they mean?

Ry­der rules, OK

I was chok­ing over my toast and mar­malade when I read that some read­ers don’t think Ju­lian Ry­der does the best com­men­tary on Mo­togp.

Tick­ets please!

Bus rac­ing us­ing spec­ta­tors as bal­last? (MCN, March 30). Bril­liant, where do I sign up? But se­ri­ously, pub­lish­ing that story two days be­fore April fools day with Par­rish’s rep­u­ta­tion! Pull the other one.

Keep on fil­ter­ing

Alexan­der Marek asks why cars en­joy dis­counts on road tax if their emis­sions are low but bikes do not. Smaller bikes are taxed lower than big ones but no mo­tor­cy­cle is zero rate un­like some eco cars even though an elec­tric car still needs to have its elec­tric­ity gen­er­ated some­where and it still adds to traf­fic con­ges­tion. Bikes have ad­van­tages, not just be­cause they gen­er­ally achieve bet­ter mpg than cars but be­cause they can per­co­late through traf­fic and thus max­imise the use of road space that isn’t even avail­able to cars. In short we have the logic of ge­om­e­try on our side. Sadly there are forces at work now ac­tively try­ing to make it im­pos­si­ble to fil­ter through traf­fic and MAG’S po­lit­i­cal lob­by­ists are work­ing to chal­lenge that mad­ness. Join MAG on­line

There’s a rea­son why Yamaha’s Tracer was MCN’S bike of the year 2015 it’s bril­liant! Dovi had his wings clipped in Ar­gentina

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