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Great trips to un­known des­ti­na­tions Avoid­ing the ob­vi­ous places to visit can reap big re­wards, so it’s time to get plan­ning

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2Europeõs arc­tic cir­cle

The phrase ‘arc­tic cir­cle’ makes it seem bar­ren, but it’s any­thing but. Gra­ham Saun­ders from www. world­mo­tor­cy­cle­ says: “From mid- June un­til mid- July it’s fan­tas­tic.” It’s also one of the only times it’s ad­vis­able to ride to the fa­mous Nord­kapp, the most north­ern point in Europe you can reach by pub­lic road. The most di­rect route from Lon­don to the Nord­kapp and back racks up nearly 5000 miles – and the sun doesn’t set for two months.

3Cyprusõ Aka­mas penin­sula

Bill Roughton from­ rec­om­mends this one. The Aka­mas on Cyprus’ north-west tip is a large swathe of bar­ren land, criss-crossed by dirt roads, tracks and trails. Nav­i­ga­tion is fairly easy, be­cause a high moun­tain ridge runs along its spine, broadly east-west, and drop­ping quite steeply down to coasts on both sides. So although it cov­ers quite a dis­tance, you can nav­i­gate by eye, and just pick any old trail that heads broadly in the di­rec­tion you want to go.

4The for­mer Yu­goslavia

De­spite the wars of the 1990s it’s now only north­ern Kosovo that the For­eign Of­fice ad­vises against travel to and Slove­nia and Croa­tia are two of Europe’s most ap­peal­ing des­ti­na­tions. Across the Balkans you’ll find stun­ning places such as the wa­ter­falls of Croa­tia’s Pl­itvice Lakes Na­tional Park, the lakes and peaks of Bos­nia’s Sut­jeska Na­tional Park, the Dur­mi­tor moun­tains and Piva Canyon of Mon­tene­gro… and a host of other places few peo­ple at home will ever have heard of.

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