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Alpines­tars Os­car Monty Rid­ing Shoe £169.99

Michael Neeves Four months/1500 miles These hand-fin­ished Ce-cer­ti­fied rid­ing boots are fresh from Alpines­tars’ new Os­car range of retro pro­tec­tive cloth­ing. Made from thick, vin­tage-ef­fect, full-grain leather with a grippy, oil-re­sis­tant rub­ber sole, these boots are sturdy and com­fort­able, on and off a bike. And although they’re not billed as be­ing wa­ter­proof, I’ve worn them in heavy rain a few times and my feet have stayed dry. It’s not a two-minute job to get them on, but that’s the price you pay for a sturdy boot. They’re not the cheap­est ei­ther, but they’re well worth it. www.alpines­

for sev­eral years the rim can “weld” it­self to the tyre’s bead. When the tyre is re­moved it can leave small flakes on the wheel, leav­ing a sur­face prone to slow leaks.

If your cleanedup wheels haven’t ‘re­sponded to treat­ment’ then I’d sug­gest look­ing for se­cond­hand wheels in bet­ter con­di­tion, or hav­ing your rims pow­der­coated by a rep­utable com­pany who would clean the bead area scrupu­lously be­fore ap­ply­ing the coat­ing.

If the valves are old they some­times be­gin to leak, so should be re­placed ev­ery time a new tyre is fit­ted. Even if yours are air­tight but haven’t been changed for a while I’d re­place them any­way. You never know when they could fail. My 2003 Aprilia Falco has given me good ser­vice over the years, but it’s started to smoke on start-up and I’m wor­ried I’ve got valve guide wear or worn pis­ton rings. Alex Saint, email

An­swered by Mark Bowen, Bowen Moto Fal­cos and RSVS from that pe­riod were fit­ted with a vac­uum-op­er­ated slip­per clutch. There is a di­aphragm as part of a sealed cham­ber be­hind the clutch cover which is con­nected by a sealed vac­uum pipe and a one-way valve to the rear cylin­der in­let tract. When you shut the throt­tle the drop in pres­sure in the in­let tract means the di­aphragm works against the clutch springs to pull the plates apart slightly so they are able to slip if there is enough back torque from the rear wheel.

If that vac­uum pipe splits it al­lows en­gine oil to be sucked into the in­let tract where it gets burnt off as a puff of smoke. The other weak point is the one-way valve, which can jam open and al­low the clutch to slip un­der ac­cel­er­a­tion.

My 2010 Kawasaki ZX-6R has started dump­ing coolant from the over­flow pipe. The fan was seized and there was a build-up of sludge in the coolant sys­tem. I re­placed the fan and some pipes and flushed out the rad, but on the next ride it started dump­ing the new coolant and the tem­per­a­ture rose. When I turned the en­gine off it dumped the rest. David East, Min­ster­worth

An­swered by Ken Stop­pard, APW Mo­tor­cy­cles It all points to a leak­ing head gas­ket pres­suris­ing the sys­tem. Some oil in the coolant or emul­si­fied en­gine oil are the usual signs it’s time to get the cylin­der head off and check it. Hope­fully the en­gine won’t have over­heated enough to warp the cylin­der head. I have to re­place the up­per vi­sor seal on my Shark Evo­line 3 hel­met but I’ve been told some glues could dam­age the hel­met. Which glue would be most suit­able? Rob Marshall, email

An­swered by Rich Stevens, Rich Art Some glues are a no-no and as your par­tic­u­lar Shark model has a poly­car­bon­ate shell, ex­tra care should be taken. A Cyanalite­based glue should be used in these cir­cum­stances, which Shark UK con­firmed. How­ever, your Evo­line 3 can only be three years old at most, and Shark hel­mets carry a five-year man­u­fac­turer war­ranty that cov­ers the vi­sor seal, so I would re­turn it to them to do the work for you.

Con­tact Qual­ity Feel like Bat­man with the Ox­ford W2 Waist Bag Value Con­tact Qual­ity Tester Time tested What’s good? What’s not? Value Os­car Monty boots com­bine vin­tage looks with com­fort Con­tact Qual­ity Value Just spray on and buff off

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