PLANET ME­CHANIC ‘Is it worth putting an old RGV250 or RS250 on the road?’

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Sean Hadley, 43, set up The Tun­ing Works, spe­cial­is­ing in Suzuki RGV250S and Aprilia RS250S, in 2005

“It’ll take a bit of work, but it’ll be worth it in the end. If you’ve just got the bike, or it’s been laid up for a while, the power valve assem­bly and car­bu­ra­tion will need main­te­nance. I rec­om­mend dis­man­tling, clean­ing and ad­just­ing the valve assem­bly ev­ery 3000 miles.

“Make sure the power valve con­trol ca­bles are ad­justed cor­rectly, oth­er­wise they will stress the valve. It takes 30 min­utes to ad­just the ca­bles and a pow­er­valve strip is an af­ter­noon’s work be­cause the ra­di­a­tor has to come off too.

“In­spect carb jets and needles for wear as they could be 20 years old. If it’s an Aprilia RS250 with a plas­tic tank the ethanol in fuel can make the tank ex­pand - though it might re­gain some of its shape if it’s hung up some­where warm and dry.

“Free­ing off 20-year-old fas­ten­ers can be a chal­lenge, es­pe­cially the screws re­tain­ing the pow­er­valve. My top tip is to use a left-handed drill bit that is a touch smaller than the seized fas­tener’s shaft. That way you can start slightly off- cen­tre and the drill should get enough pur­chase on the head to start free­ing it off. I re­place the valve re­tain­ers with 8mm hex flange bolts.

“Apart from OE body­work, Suzuki spares avail­abil­ity is good. For ex­am­ple the fac­tory re­cently made a new batch of cranks. But Aprilia chas­sis spares are more dif­fi­cult.”

‘Free­ing off 20-year-old fas­ten­ers can be a chal­lenge’

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