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If we don’t know the an­swer, we’ll find the per­son who does What flip-front hel­met has the right spec for my specs? Is there any pain to tour­ing around Spain? Q

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My 2006 Tri­umph T100 Bon­neville starts first go but will oc­ca­sion­ally stop af­ter a few min­utes, and won’t restart un­less I leave it for 20 min­utes. There is no spark dur­ing the down-time but all the plugs and con­nec­tions look fine. Ian Hamp­shire, email prob­lem last week, it turned out to be a faulty ig­ni­tion coil and be­cause the T100 uses a wasted spark sys­tem with only one coil, you lose spark to both cylin­ders.

There was a break in the wind­ings in­side the coil, so the coil would work fine un­til it got hot, then the heat would ex­pand the wind­ings, break­ing the con­nec­tion and stop­ping the spark. As the coil cooled down the wind­ings would Max Evo, which I think may tick most of your boxes. My pre­vi­ous lid was a Schu­berth C3 Ba­sic which had a slightly bet­ter sun vi­sor mech­a­nism than the HJC as it was on the side rather than on top. The Shark EvoOne may work well for you and is ho­molo­gated for use as an open-face as well as full-face. A Shoei Neotec may be out of your bud­get, but have a look as I think it has the best chin-to-bar ra­tio. con­tract and the con­nec­tion would be re­made.

To test the ig­ni­tion coil, run the en­gine un­til the prob­lem oc­curs, then quickly while it’s still hot, use an ohm meter to test the ig­ni­tion coil across the HT lead out­puts. It should read about 2.5k ohms, but if it’s faulty it prob­a­bly won’t pick up any read­ing. The ig­ni­tion coil is lo­cated above the en­gine, un­der­neath the fuel tank.

There’s also the pos­si­bil­ity that it’s a faulty crank po­si­tion sen­sor (CPS). Run the bike un­til the prob­lem oc­curs, then use the ohm meter to test across the two wires com­ing from the sen­sor, it should read ap­prox­i­mately 530 ohms.

The CPS is lo­cated be­hind the right-hand-side crank cover and the two wires from the sen­sor con­nect to the loom in the area of the right-hand side­panel. I’m go­ing to Jerez, rid­ing down from the ferry port in San­tander. Can you tell me if there are any laws in Spain for things we must carry – spare bulbs etc? Paul Chat­field, email

An­swered by Alas­tair Mcfar­lane, MCI Tours To com­ply with Span­ish leg­is­la­tion, you must carry: spare bulbs, V5 reg doc­u­ment in your name, in­surance cer­tifi­cate, driv­ing li­cence with mo­tor­cy­cle en­ti­tle­ment and pass­port, although a photo driv­ing li­cence is usu­ally an ac­cept­able sub­sti­tute ID.

In ad­di­tion, I’d rec­om­mend a hi-viz over­jacket in case you break down, a first aid kit and your Euro­pean Health In­surance Card in case you fall off and a Euro­pean Ac­ci­dent State­ment re­port form in case some­one else makes you fall off. The forms can be down­loaded in var­i­ous lan­guages from http:// car­trav­el­

In Spain, as well as the usual risk of theft of lug­gage or your bike it­self if left un­se­cured, there are ban­dits on bikes or in cars who will try to per­suade you some­thing is wrong with your bike then rob you if you stop. Don’t get spot­ted cross­ing solid white lines, or leave your ho­tel with­out your doc­u­ments on you – you will be fined. There are more and more speed cam­eras, although of­fences cap­tured on the static ones can­not be en­forced when you get home to the UK. There’s lots more breathal­yser ac­tiv­ity th­ese days and the thresh­old is not 80mg like the UK - it’s 50mg in Spain.

Iõve just taken pos­ses­sion of a pretty clean 1980 Moto Guzzi T3 Cal­i­for­nia. But when I took it out for an evening jaunt yes­ter­day I lost all the lights, although it kept run­ning. Robert Ran­dell-jones, Bridg­wa­ter

An­swered by Nigel Billing­ley, NBS Mo­tor­cy­cle Ser­vic­ing The T3-se­ries bikes from that era had the wiring from the left and right switchgear routed into the head­lamp shell and plugged into block con­nec­tors there. Time and heat from the head­lamp bulb makes the plas­tic block con­nec­tors rigid and they can work them­selves apart over time. If the bike stopped dead that would be the block for the right-hand switchgear and kill­switch.

To avoid a re­peat per­for­mance con­sider tap­ing them to­gether and try to ar­range them so they arenõt un­der ten­sion with the han­dle­bars are on full-lock.

I had a 2007 T100 in with the same HJC RPHA Max Evo Schu­berth C3 Ba­sic £299.99 Test and re­place the coil and all should be Bon­nie Shark Evo- One from There are some great roads but keep your wits about you rid­ing in Spain Nolan N104 from Shoei Neotec from

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