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Show us the racing!

Imag­ine, top pre­mier­ship striker flies past three de­fend­ers and is through to the goal with just the keeper to beat, leg swings back. Cut to dugout, man­ager, hands on mouth and the crowd goes mad, is it a goal, was it a fan­tas­tic save? Thank you Jack Bur­ni­cle for scream­ing out in a way only Jack can dur­ing the WSS round at Assen “we want to see the race!” as four rid­ers braved soak­ing con­di­tions, vy­ing for the lead of a short­ened race, we were con­tin­u­ally forced to watch wives, girl­friends and chil­dren, along with team man­agers and me­chan­ics, who by the way are all star­ing at a TV screen in the garage try­ing to watch the race, but were now pre­sum­ably watch­ing them­selves.

WSB is truly su­per

I’ve just watched race one at WSB at Assen and I’d be amazed if there are any crit­ics left of this se­ries. It was one of the best races I’ve ever seen. Full of thrills, spills and un­bri­dled ex­cite­ment. Jonathan Rea was sub­lime and dealt with pres­sure from start to fin­ish.

A flip­ping tough try- out

I started mo­tor­cy­cling in the late six­ties and al­ways wore an open­face hel­met. I knew there was ex­tra pro­tec­tion to be gained from a full-face hel­met but I was al­ways wor­ried about not be­ing able to re­move it eas­ily. I sup­pose you could say I am slightly claus­tro­pho­bic. But then I spot­ted a flip-up hel­met at my lo­cal dealer. With­out any thought I put it on with the chin­bar up and fas­tened the strap. I was quite com­fort­able be­cause I knew I could re­move it eas­ily. I pulled the chin­bar down part way to see what it felt like. Un­for­tu­nately, it moved fur­ther than I ex­pected and locked into po­si­tion. I started to panic. I knew there must be a re­lease but­ton, but I couldn’t find it. In the con­fu­sion the vi­sor, which was cov­ered in stick­ers, also dropped down. Blinded, I stum­bled to where I thought the counter was and crashed into a wall. I re­turned later and bought one and I love it. Ad­vice to oth­ers: lo­cate the catch be­fore putting a flip-down on your head!

These boots are made for… ?

Sorry, is it just me that looks at the cost of ‘retro’ boots such as the Alpines­tars at £170 (MCN, April 13) and queries the cost and/or point? Wouldn’t a pair of safety boots from a builders’ mer­chants for £40 suf­fice?

Mo­togp’s dodgy graph­ics

I was hop­ing af­ter Mo­togp round one in Qatar that the graph­ics on TV, par­tic­u­larly the black bar on the left, would be bet­ter for Ar­gentina, but I sat through prac­tice, qual­i­fy­ing and all three races again and still can’t make out rid­ers names clearly. Please BT Sport do some­thing about it, and while you’re at it get rid of those stupid sound ef­fects when some­thing pops up on screen – it’s Mo­togp we are watch­ing, not a com­puter game!

Put a spring in your seat

Seat de­sign has al­ways in­ter­ested me (MCN, April 20) and fur­ther as­pects of seat de­sign in­clude seat ori­en­ta­tion and top sur­face shape. For ex­am­ple, my Yamaha MT-03 (the old ver­sion) had a for­ward-slop­ing seat, with an up­right rid­ing po­si­tion. This meant your skele­ton slid for­ward leav­ing your soft bits be­hind com­pressed and ready to go numb. As to shape, it was like sit­ting astride a tele­phone pole - all your other soft bits took the weight and the is­chial bones were hardly in­volved. I once set up a sprung sad­dle on my TDM900: flat, hor­i­zon­tal, firm but with 11 springs be­tween me and the bike - it was great.

Golfers are peo­ple too

I never un­der­stand why peo­ple feel the need to make stupid com­ments about the va­lid­ity of other sports (MCN, April 20). Ei­ther ‘sport’ en­com­passes hun­dreds of var­i­ous com­pet­i­tive pas­times or it is lim­ited to hunt­ing, shoot­ing and fish­ing which is the orig­i­nal def­i­ni­tion. Mo­tor­cy­cling en­thu­si­asts be­come ex­tremely de­fen­sive over the va­lid­ity of our sport, and sur­pris­ingly some peo­ple en­joy more than one sport. Golf is a fan­tas­tic sport - the prob­lem lies with the per­cep­tion that it is elit­ist and snob­bish. It can be, but only when played by elit­ist and snob­bish peo­ple. Ge­orge Allen’s ‘them and us’ men­tal­ity doesn’t help bik­ing.

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