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Is it worth re-build­ing an old GSX-R1100?

Gareth Hall, 54, has 25 years hand­son ex­pe­ri­ence with Red­car Suzuki

“We are see­ing more and more

late 80s and early 90s GSX-R1100S projects. Spares avail­abil­ity is good, although some body­work, seats and ex­hausts are dis­con­tin­ued.

“It’s the bikes that have been stored badly that are a night­mare. Per­haps the seller has sim­ply whacked in a new bat­tery, then ca­joled it into life. The prob­lem is that at least two ex­haust valves will have been open for years and there might be cor­ro­sion around the valve seats and rust in the bores too. That cor­ro­sion can score the bores so badly you’ll end up with a £1000 bill to put it right.

“Al­ways, al­ways drib­ble a bit of en­gine oil down the plug holes and turn the en­gine over by hand with a socket on the crank or the bike in gear and ro­tate the back wheel. Be­fore you re­move the plugs check for crud that could drop into the com­bus­tion cham­ber; we use an air­line to blow it out.

“If it will idle, but won’t take any throt­tle, chances are a CV carb di­aphragm is holed. They are un­der the plas­tic carb tops which are sim­ply held on by two screws. But there’s a pesky 4mm O-ring for the vac­uum feeds that gets stuck to the cap, then falls off un­no­ticed, leav­ing you with a mys­te­ri­ous air leak.”

‘It’s the bikes that have been stored badly that are a night­mare’

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