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KIT SHOW­CASE Each of these great lids costs £200 or less Paint All these hel­mets are avail­able in the de­sign shown for £200 or less. We’ve also listed the base price for the model in plain colours.

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Scor­pion Exo 510 £169.99

Has a Pin­lock Maxvi­sion an­timist in­sert and a re­mov­able anti-bac­te­rial lin­ing. The cheek­pads have an emer­gency re­lease sys­tem and there’s also an in­fla­tion lid, with a

AGV K3-SV £189.99

De­cent sporty bud­get hel­met from the com­pany who pro­tect Valentino Rossi and Guy Martin’s bonces. This is one of the few lids here avail­able in race rep de­signs (in­clud­ing this An­drea Ian­none replica) and the sharp lines give it an ag­gres­sive look. The spec isn’t the high­est here, with a reg­u­lar Pin­lock in­sert in­ter­fer­ing with out­look more than a Maxvi­sion type, and the chin vent is fid­dly to op­er­ate as the tab is on

Nolan N87 £159.99 LS2 FF324.21 Metro Rapid flipfront £169.99

The only flipfront here is at a dis­ad­van­tage in the weight stakes be­cause flips have weighty ex­tra parts. The sun vi­sor has a smooth op­er­a­tion but the vi­sor change is a real fid­dle. Vents on the chin can only be cov­ered by push-in plas­tic in­serts.


Caberg X-trace £159.99

There aren’t many bud­get-priced ad­ven­ture hel­mets around so this new-for-2016 Caberg is a wel­come ar­rival to the mar­ket. It’s a good-look­ing lid that im­presses con­sid­er­ing the price point. The vents are easy to op­er­ate with gloved hands thanks to chunky slid­ers and the lin­ing has a soft, com­fort­able feel. Down­sides are that the drop­down sun vi­sor was dif­fi­cult to re­tract on our ex­am­ple, vi­sor re­moval is awk­ward and you have to pay an ex­tra £24.99 for the Pin­lock in­sert (though the vi­sor is al­ready pre­pared to take one).


MT Blade SV £119.99

Cheap­est hel­met here has an im­pres­sive spec that shows what’s pos­si­ble for the money. It has a Maxvi­sion Pin­lock

Shark Sk­wal £199.99

At the top end of the price range here, but the qual­ity matches the price with a high stan­dard of fin­ish. The most eye-catch­ing as­sets are the LED lights at the fore­head, chin and ex­haust vents, which make the rider more vis­i­ble at night. They charge via a mi­cro USB port se­creted away in the lin­ing. The Sk­wal’s vents are chunky and easy to use, the sun vi­sor op­er­a­tion is smooth and con­ve­nient and the vi­sor is pro­tected by a Pin­lock Maxvi­sion in­sert. It also comes in a vast ar­ray of colour op­tions.

XS-XL Matt or gloss black, white or 31 dif­fer­ent graph­ics 1560g (M)


HJC FG-ST £199.99

The only fi­bre­glass-shelled hel­met in this gather­ing is a good sports-tour­ing lid with a de­cent fin­ish, the Pin­lock Maxvi­sion vi­sor in­sert you’d ex­pect for the money and chunky easy-to-use vents. The strap se­cures with D-rings, the re­mov­able lin­ing has a soft feel and it comes with a re­mov­able chin cur­tain. There’s a drop­down sun vi­sor, which has a slightly jerky mech­a­nism but that’s the only quib­ble on a smart hel­met for the money.

XS-XL Gloss or matt black, white or 11 dif­fer­ent graph­ics 1500g (S)

£179.99 www.ox­ford­prod­

Held Strong Bul­let £369.99

There’s an ur­ban feel about Held’s jacket, which is con­structed from soft cowhide and comes with CE shoul­der and el­bow armour.

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