Give your bike a mid-sea­son ser­vice

Give your bike a pep-up for the re­main­der of the sum­mer and be fin­ished in time for lunch

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1 Bleed with me

Buy a bot­tle of DOT 4 fluid, re­move the reservoir cap and at­tach a bleeder to the fur­thest bleed nip­ple from the mas­ter cylin­der. A sim­ple bleeder costs £5, and is sim­ply at­tached, feed­ing in to a catch bot­tle and pump. Pump the brake lever and top up the reservoir with fresh fluid as you go. Re­peat un­til lighter, fresh fluid ap­pears in the bleeder tube. Lock the nip­ple off, re­move bleeder, wipe up mess, re­peat on other calipers.

2 Caliper clean

Re­move the caliper from the fork leg and disc. Re­move the pads, not­ing which side is which, as well as in­spect­ing for wear. Gen­tly pump the lever, watch­ing for equal pis­ton move­ment. Try to have 10-15mm of pis­ton ex­posed. Clean all sur­faces with a tooth­brush and soapy wa­ter. Sil­i­cone lu­bri­cant will help you push pis­tons home and main­tain free move­ment. Re­assem­ble, re­mem­ber­ing to pump up calipers be­fore use.

3 Chain (clean­ing) gang

Put the bike on a cen­tre or pad­dock stand so you can turn the rear wheel freely by hand. Give it a dous­ing with a good qual­ity chain cleaner, and al­low to soak. Use a small, stiff brush to clean in­ner and outer side plates, rollers, sprock­ets and sur­round­ing area. Rinse thor­oughly. Al­low to dry, then lube the in­side run. A small amount on the side plates will pre­vent cor­ro­sion. Al­low the lube to dry.

4 Drop the oil

Warm the bike for five min­utes, prop it up­right and re­move the sump plug. Al­low to drain for half-an­hour. Re­move the filter, brim a new one with oil and wipe some on the seal­ing o-ring. Fit the filter, re­place the sump plug with a new seal­ing washer, and fill to the up­per level on your sight glass/ dip­stick. Run for a few min­utes, check and top up as nec­es­sary.

5 Clear breath­ing

Re­move your fuel tank – ide­ally low on fuel – be­ing care­ful not to stretch hoses and dam­age con­nec­tors. Note the fit­ment of the hoses and breathers. Re­move the air­box lid, or the filter car­tridge. Do it slowly – don’t knock de­bris in to the in­lets. Bugs and large items can be knocked off – if the el­e­ment is very dis­coloured re­place, or wash in the case of foam-type fil­ters.

6 Freeplay and ca­ble lube

Dis­con­nect your con­trol ca­bles. Slide through the outer. If they’re catch­ing slightly, run some lube down them. If that doesn’t help, re­place them. Ca­ble freeplay should be ad­justed at the lower end with the up­per ad­justers wound in, then fine-tuned at the top. You want around 5mm of freeplay at the clutch lever tip, and throt­tle tubes should move no more than 3-4mm.

7 Coolant re­fill

Find the lower drain point on the sys­tem – a drain screw, or hose join. Undo to bleed. If coolant is dirty, a ra­di­a­tor flush or a 50/50 mix of white vine­gar and wa­ter will shift muck – fill and bleed, ride for 100 miles or so, then drain. Wash out with a hose. Re­fill with coolant spec­i­fied by the man­u­fac­turer. Squeeze hoses, re­lease air from bleed points, and, after a brief run, check it is full.

8 Wheel align­ment

Even if you did it at the start of the year, check again. Two straight edges the length of the bike are re­quired: lightly clamp to ei­ther side of the rear tyre so they touch the side­wall at the front and back of the wheel. Line the steer­ing up straight. The dis­tance from each edge to the side­wall of the front tyre must be equal – ad­just the rear un­til you have equal read­ings ei­ther side.

9 Bear­ing up

You need front and rear stands, and prob­a­bly a helper. Take the load off the wheel bear­ings, swingarm bear­ings and head bear­ings one at a time. Turn, wob­ble and in­spect for any nois­i­ness, notch­i­ness or loose­ness. Head bear­ings can be tweaked up with an ad­juster un­der the top yoke. Wheel and swingarm bear­ings are usu­ally a case of straight re­place­ment though.

Feel­ing for play in the swingarm bear­ings

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