DO THEY DO THAT? rac­ing nut­cases, dare­dev­ils and The world’s lead­ing pro­fes­sional knowl­edge on the most ridicu­lous he­roes re­veal their ex­pert Don’t try this at home! bik­ing feats you can imag­ine. Track won­ders, p40

Motorcycle News (UK) - - How The Hell -

in here are those who laugh the the face of physics, defy laws of grav­ity, put thema selves in harm’s way for that us liv­ing and possess skills mere mor­tals view as su­per­hu­man. leaves us It’s the sort of stuff that

Tdis­be­lief, scratch­ing our heads in pulled won­der­ing how the hell they world’s it off. So we rounded up the them fore­most nut­ters and asked How to re­veal their trade se­crets. over the hell do they do it? Turn to find out…

Just how do you me­morise the TT course?

Stunt-rider ex­traor­di­naire Rob­bie Mad­di­son surfs the waves on his mod­i­fied KTM crosser. Find out how the hell he does it on page 43

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