Ride on wa­ter

Stunt rider ex­traor­di­naire, he’s one of very few peo­ple on Earth to have rid­den flat-out on the ocean

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“Some­thing in­side me wanted to ride a bike across the sea. I fig­ured that if I put two wake­boards un­der a bike I could prob­a­bly ride on wa­ter. So I came up with a plan…

“At first it was noth­ing more than a draw­ing of how to mount two skis to the un­der­side of a bike, which I took to an en­gi­neer­ing firm. Ini­tially we went with skis from a snow­mo­bile rather than wake­boards, but as soon as I hit the wa­ter I was out of con­trol, it was ac­tu­ally bad enough to make me think ‘ this isn’t go­ing to work’. But that night we screwed some sheet metal to the skis to make them wider and that did the trick.

“The next day I rode into the wa­ter and it took off like a bat out of hell, which is when I had to quickly learn to ride it. The bike has a sand tyre on its rear, which acts like a pad­dle, and I have to keep it full-bore or it all goes wrong! If you need to slow down you can’t shut the throt­tle, you change gear to let the revs con­trol your speed. If you back off you

sink, it’s that sim­ple. “Con­trol­ling the bike

is very hard as it doesn’t want to go straight. I keep as much of my weight to the back of the bike as pos­si­ble. The bike is rid­ing on the rear ski and by shift­ing my weight on the pegs and dig­ging my heels into the bike I can make it turn… most of the time.

“It may look slow on the video but my top speed is 58mph, and if you aren’t go­ing over 30mph you won’t float, so it’s a pretty wild ride. Rid­ing on wa­ter has been the big­gest joy of my mo­tor­cy­cle ca­reer; it’s awe­some – es­pe­cially when you over­take a jet ski!”

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