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‘You start by lean­ing off the bike to tip it side­ways, and turn­ing the bars to the left. You’ve got y our left foot down on the steel shoe and be­cause there’s some weight off the bike it’s freer un­der­neath you. Then you roll off the throt­tle and nail it again to get the wheel­spin that makes the bike turn.

“When you nail it, be­cause you’ve al­ready got your bars turned left, the back end will drift around. When the bike turns I sit at the front of the seat and put all the pres­sure through my right leg. That’s when I turn the han­dle­bars the other way to steer into the slide. It’s prob­a­bly about a sec­ond for all that to hap­pen and it’s sec­ond na­ture to me be­cause I’ve been do­ing it since I was 12.

“Once you’re into the cor­ner your throt­tle hand is on your right hip and you’re fully side­ways. If you have a strong en­gine, you prob­a­bly have to roll off the throt­tle in the middle of the turn and then coming off it. But we set my bikes up so that in the middle of the cor­ner the en­gine bogs to stop the wheel­spin and get me set up for the straight.

“When you want it to go straight you stand on the right foot­peg, push on the right han­dle­bar and then sit back a lit­tle bit to get the weight on the back wheel. Then you’re off down the straight and then be­fore you know it the next cor­ner’s there.”

Scun­thorpe-born speed­way ace, crowned world in­di­vid­ual cham­pion for the sec­ond time in 2015

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