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Òmost peo­ple think that back­ing a bike into a bend in­volves the rear brake, but it does­nõt. If you just jump on the rear brake you will end up spit­ting your­self over the high­side. You donõt even need a back brake to drift Ð you just need the front.

ÒIF you pull the front brake hard enough the rear wheel will start to lift, add a bit of an­gle at this point and the bike will want to drift. The more you un­weight the rear, the big­ger the drift and rather than any back brake, I use en­gine brak­ing to cre­ate the slide.

Òwhen the bike is drift­ing, I ac­tu­ally use the front brake to con­trol the slide Ð the more I ap­ply the front the more side­ways the bike goes, as the rear is lift­ing un­der de­cel­er­a­tion. By re­duc­ing the brake pres­sure the rear comes more into line as the back is weighted and the rear tyre grips a bit more.

Òthis tech­nique al­lows you to brake deeper into corners be­cause you arenõt re­ally lean­ing it over when you slide it, so the front has more grip. If you look at pic­tures of a bike back­ing in the front wheel is in a straight line which makes it far harder to lose the front, and if you were to carry that much brake force while turn­ing with­out a drift you would prob­a­bly crash. And itõs ac­tu­ally fairly safe, it is quite hard to crash while do­ing it, un­less itõs wet.

ÒA good drift feels fan­tas­tic and even though Iõve been do­ing it for years, I still love do­ing it. And it looks cool!ó

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