Get your knee down

MCN tester and racer with years of slider scrap­ing ex­pe­ri­ence

Motorcycle News (UK) - - How The Hell -

“Get­ting your knee down is a by-prod­uct of hav­ing the cor­rect body po­si­tion in the middle of a cor­ner. Hunch over the front of the bike (to max­imise grip), hang off to the side (to keep it more up­right and away from the edge of the tyre) and as your speed and lean an­gle in­creases, you’ll feel the scrape of kneeslider kissing tar­mac. Al­ways get into po­si­tion way be­fore the cor­ner. At most tracks you’re ei­ther hang­ing off left or right and don’t ever need to sit in the middle of the bike, un­less there’s an ex­cep­tion­ally long straight to tuck in for. Your mid-cor­ner body

po­si­tion should be: toe on in­side peg, flat-footed on the out­side. In­side bum cheek off the seat.

“Keep your in­side arm soft and point your el­bow to­wards the floor.

“Out­side arm should be straight, push­ing the

bike away from you.

“Lean for­ward and move head to­wards your in­side hand, to the out­side of the screen.

“The more you move your head and shoul­ders in to­wards the cor­ner, the eas­ier it is to get your knee down. If you’re reaching for the cor­ner with your knee and rid­ing ‘ twisted’ it will never hap­pen. There you go – you’ve achieved knee-down.”

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