Get your el­bow down

Wild-rid­ing Scott Red­ding has also got his head down, too

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Òhope for the best? The first time I did it was on a 125 at Mugello, but then in Moto2 it be­came com­mon, be­cause of the rid­ing style and the greater lean an­gle. It just comes nat­u­rally though, itõs just there and it hap­pens.

ÒIN some places it hap­pens eas­ily, like at Barcelona be­cause of the high kerbs Ð I just canõt help do­ing it. And last year on the Honda, be­cause it was so small, lots of times I had my el­bow on the floor but my knee was off the deck, tucked in­side my el­bow!

Òyou just lean it over, hang off it, have some heat in the tyres and go for it! Get­ting my head down was a dif­fer­ent story Ð that took balls! It took two at­tempts Ð I got my shoul­der down, not try­ing, it just hap­pened try­ing to get the bike to turn Ð then my mate Cal­lum said ‘You could get your head down too.õ

ÒIF I had crashed do­ing it I would have been an id­iot, so I tried after qual­i­fy­ing. I went in slower, which made it harder, and I pan­icked a lit­tle when it did­nõt work the first time, but made an­other lunge Ð and made his­tory!ó

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