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12-PAGE SPECIAL Tri­als leg­end Dougie Lamp­kin has won the World Trial ti­tle 12 times, and the Scot­tish Six Days Trial 10 times

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‘On a tri­als bike you can climb a sheer cliff face of about two me­tres from a stand­ing start. Add a small kicker and you can get up even fur­ther.

“I hold the front brake on to steady the bike and then with the bike in third gear, pull the clutch in and give it full revs while com­press­ing the sus­pen­sion. You need to treat a tri­als bike in ex­actly the same way you would when you phys­i­cally jump – you com­press your legs and leap. You com­press the sus­pen­sion and when it’s re­bound­ing, let the clutch out, pull on the bars and leap!

“You need to hit the slope with the back wheel first as if you hit with the front you will just face­plant. Once the rear hits it will drive and you ride up the slope, helped by your mo­men­tum and the en­gine still be­ing held flat-out. You only get around 50cm up the slope with the ini­tial leap, the rest is drive, which is why you need to get al­most un­der the slope on take-off. Just remember to lean for­wards when the front goes over the top, if you lean back you will find that you fall down a slope far faster than you go up it.”

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