Nail a world record-break­ing jump

Rob­bie Mad­di­son is one of the world’s big­gest nut­cases with a list of stunt records to his name, in­clud­ing a 392ft-long leap

Motorcycle News (UK) - - How The Hell -

“How do you jump 392 feet? You need to soupup your en­gine, stiffen the sus­pen­sion and get the right ramp. Then you need to let go of the will to live and fo­cus on the dream of fly­ing!

“I prob­a­bly don’t do the kind of re­search that many would con­sider to be enough when it comes to my jumps. I grew up on bikes and I have a sense for if I’m go­ing at the right speed and what the ramp’s an­gle should be. Reaching 392ft is the re­sult of a lot of trial, er­ror and com­mit­ment.

“I hit the ramp at 115mph and that’s when you re­ally need to start con­cen­trat­ing. There is an art to fly­ing a bike and it rests around the clutch, throt­tle and rear brake. If you rev the en­gine the bike will raise its nose; brake and it drops its nose. While this sounds easy, get these in­puts incorrect and it can all go hor­ri­bly wrong. The big­gest mis­take is slow­ing the rear wheel down too much to al­ter the front end as you re­ally only get one shot at ad­just­ing it. On a per­fect jump you should get over the mid­way point with the bike hor­i­zon­tal, hav­ing not made any ad­just­ments. Then you have to land…

“Land­ing is a huge im­pact, so much so that I have had to have a lot of back surgery. I let the rear wheel hit the ground on full ac­cel­er­a­tion a sec­ond be­fore the front lands. This al­lows the back to take off and moves some en­ergy for­wards, softening the hit.

“An­other re­quire­ment of longdis­tance mo­tor­cy­cle jump­ing is hav­ing big balls! You need to take some of your brain out and pack it into your tes­ti­cles!”

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