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Jamie Squibb is the UK’S best freestyle mo­tocross rider

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“The first thing you need for a back­flip is an eight-me­tre ra­dius take-off ramp, cov­ered with raised ex­panded mesh for grip. The rest is down to tech­nique – and balls! The hardest thing to get your head around is your body po­si­tion. When you jump a mo­tocross bike your nat­u­ral re­ac­tion is to get your weight over the front, but for a back­flip you need to lean back and look at the sky.

“I ap­proach the ramp in sec­ond gear, hit the in­cline and give it a big hand­ful of throt­tle. The most cru­cial part is when the front wheel leaves the ramp, when this hap­pens I give the bars a tug back and keep the throt­tle open. Nor­mally at this point you would chop the throt­tle and get over the front, but for a back flip you need to keep the power on to drive the rear wheel and build up enough mo­men­tum to flip the bike. Now it all goes quiet.

“Once the flip starts I al­most go blank with my eyes be­cause if you look for­ward you will lean for­ward and kill the mo­men­tum. When you’re in the air you can rev the bike slightly to in­crease the rotation, or lean for­ward to slow down. It’s all down to your tech­nique on the ramp – if you mess up on the take-off no amount of ad­just­ing will save you.”

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