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It’s al­most fash­ion­able to mock the Honda NT700, the Deauville, aka the Dullsville, but I’ve been notic­ing them of late. You know how it goes: you see one, and think: “Been a while since I saw one of those...” and then an­other, and an­other, and ac­tu­ally you re­alise they’re fairly plen­ti­ful.

What’s in­ter­est­ing is that they’re not that cheap used, and I think I know why. Sure, they’re un­ex­cit­ing and they’re mainly bought by old peo­ple. But they do the job, their en­gines seem as tough as old boots, they’re well-equipped, with a fair­ing and three-piece lug­gage set, and old peo­ple tend to look after their ma­chines bet­ter than young peo­ple. You’re pretty much guar­an­teed to get a stamped-up ser­vice book.

I think that £1225 for a 2006 model with 54,000 miles is a pos­si­ble bar­gain. If you’re look­ing for a two-up tourer that will take you, al­beit at mod­est speeds, across a con­ti­nent, noth­ing else comes close.

If you want some­thing with lower mileage, though (and peo­ple are scared by over 50k on an odome­ter, un­less it’s a BMW), you’re go­ing to need more money.

I’m look­ing at a 2009 model with ABS and 15,000 miles that sold for £2550, and for a 2010/11 model you’re look­ing at £3000 and up­wards.

Top money seems to be four grand, pri­vately, for some­thing un­der 10,000 miles. Now, it’s not a bike I’d ac­tu­ally buy my­self grey-haired I may be, but I do like a bit of ex­cite­ment in my bikes but I can see ex­actly why a lot of peo­ple seek these things out.

Tri­umph Street Triple Colours White, black, green Dealer £4000 Pri­vate good £3600 Pri­vate av­er­age £3300 This one 2009 model with com­fort seat and FSH. 21,400 miles, £3999 (dealer) Tri­umph Street Triple Colours White, red, black, pur­ple Dealer £4700 Pri­vate good £3900 Pri­vate av­er­age £3600 This one 2011 model with fly­screen and bel­ly­pan. 6300 miles, £4995 (dealer)

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