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ex­pert. On the road, los­ing one con­tact point with the bike makes it feel sig­nif­i­cantly less sta­ble. The bike moves around in­de­pen­dently of me and ev­ery bump feels ac­cen­tu­ated. Los­ing one con­tact point is los­ing one point of con­trol. I didn’t re­alise how much I re­lied on my feet while rid­ing un­til I started tak­ing one off. If I need to weight that peg sud­denly, there’s a delay un­til I can get my foot back on.

In the same cor­ner, with my in­side foot on the peg and my body hang­ing off the in­side of the bike, ev­ery­thing feels much more man­age­able. Bumps don’t feel so harsh, and my throt­tle and han­dling in­puts feel much more nat­u­ral.

My rid­ing in­puts are gen­er­ally smooth, but it feels like to re­ally ben­e­fit from stick­ing your foot for­ward you need to be ag­gres­sive with the bike, push­ing it down into corners and yank­ing it back out the other side. So does the su­per­moto tech­nique make sense on the road? I can’t see it be­ing of any use out on the Queen’s high­way although it does look pretty cool. I’ll be stick­ing to my nor­mal style for now and en­joy­ing the Husq­varna 701 Su­per­moto just as much as I have been.

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