‘What’s cooler than a spoiler?’ Qual­ity, price, low weight, great looks. And it’s got a pull­out spoiler on the back! Noth­ing of note. We love the spoiler but it might be a bit too gim­micky for some

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X-lite X-802RR Ul­tra Car­bon hel­met £380 Tester

Andy Downes

Three months/1200 miles This is a great look­ing, beau­ti­fully built, light­weight, good value rac­ing-spec­i­fi­ca­tion hel­met. It’s built from car­bon-fi­bre and has fast be­come an ab­so­lute favourite of mine. The vent­ing is in­cred­i­bly ef­fec­tive, it’s supremely comfortable, and the three shell size op­tions en­sured I have found a per­fect fit. The aper­ture is wide enough to see out of well and the lid re­mains sta­ble at mo­tor­way speeds; even rid­ing naked bikes. And best of all, it’s got a spoiler on the back. What’s cooler than a spoiler on a crash hel­met? The green lin­ing is re­mov­able and is claimed to be a car­bon-ac­ti­vated ma­te­rial to aid cool­ing and the vi­sor is equipped with a Pin­lock anti-mist in­sert. There’s a very use­ful vi­sor-mounted tab which al­lows the vi­sor to stay open a lit­tle way around town.

I have thought hard about neg­a­tives with this crash hel­met and so far can’t think of any­thing. Con­tact www.mo­to­gear.co.uk

Weise Ro­mu­lus gloves £74.99

★Si­mon Brown Two months/1500 miles

De­cent, un­der­stated pro­tec­tion that won’t leave you too much out of pocket. One as­pect that drew me to the Ro­mu­lus gloves was that they have passed CE test­ing as ‘pro­tec­tive gloves’ – which gives con­fi­dence they will do the job in a mishap. The CE test­ing in­cludes abra­sion, how eas­ily you can work the con­trols and how se­curely they fas­ten. Com­fort and feel are both fine but not ex­cep­tional, while the con­struc­tion has proved sturdy so far with no stitch­ing coming loose.

There’s not much in the way of ven­ti­la­tion, so I’ll be in­ter­ested to see how they feel as the mer­cury rises this sum­mer. They only come in black. Qual­ity

Roland Sands Dezel Gloves £80

Tester Adam Child Time tested 10 months/1800 miles What’s good? These retro gloves are drip­ping in qual­ity and style. They not only look au­then­tic, but feel amaz­ing. The em­bossed RSD brand­ing is a nice touch.

As they’re de­signed to be retro gloves there isn’t a huge amount of pro­tec­tion, just padded knuck­les and fin­gers. It’s just about enough pro­tec­tion as ob­vi­ously they’ve not been built to be worn at speed or on track.


I’m head­ing down to London on my bike on a UK ‘mini-tour’ and I want to find bike park­ing bays in the West End. Rod Mcin­lay, Perth

An­swered by Chris Dabbs, MCN Q-park op­er­ate 20 car parks across cen­tral London and they have 883 ded­i­cated mo­tor­cy­cle spa­ces which are free at se­lected car parks, sub­ject to avail­abil­ity. Sim­ply ride around the bar­rier at the en­trance of the car park to en­ter and get a mem­ber of staff to point the spa­ces out. Mo­tor­cy­cle park­ing is not avail­able at the fol­low­ing Q-park fa­cil­i­ties: Soho, Le­ices­ter Square, Tower Bridge, Church Street, Burlington and Vic­to­ria.

I have pur­chased some ad­di­tional lights for my 2016 BMW R1200GSA from Baja De­signs in Cal­i­for­nia at huge ex­pense. They came with the full wiring kit. Hav­ing had them fit­ted, they ap­pear to have caused a con­flict with the CAN bus sys­tem. So they are off the bike and lan­guish­ing in the garage. What went wrong? David My­ers, MCN tech­ni­cal fo­rum

An­swered by Andy Beckett, Bahn­stormer The kit should have come with a re­lay and in­de­pen­dent switch and I think the in­struc­tions sug­gest tak­ing the switch live feed from the main beam wire. How­ever, due to the CAN bus I’d ad­vise tak­ing the switch live feed (for the re­lay) from the power socket. This will also al­low you to run the ad­di­tional lights on ei­ther dipped beam or high beam with­out any con­flicts.

Shark Speed-r Car­bon £270

Con­tact Qual­ity Tester Time tested What’s good? What’s not? Value Con­tact Qual­ity Value Shel­s­ley Walsh Bike Fes­ti­val £30 Richa X-pro Race £130

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