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If we don’t know the an­swer, we’ll find the per­son who does I’m look­ing for a Blue­tooth bar­gain, what’s out there? Why has my V-strom had a sys­tem shut­down? Q

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My Har­ley-david­son wonõt hold a charge, although Iõve put a new bat­tery and reg­u­la­tor rec­ti­fier in place. Iõve also no­ticed that oc­ca­sion­ally when the en­gineõs warmed up the speedo nee­dle fluc­tu­ates and the in­di­ca­tors donõt flash nor­mally. Do these sug­gest a more se­ri­ous prob­lem with the bikeõs electrics? Mitchell Leighton, email


I’m think­ing of get­ting a ba­sic Blue­tooth unit so that I can an­swer calls while I’m rid­ing along. What do you sug­gest? Ross Barnes, Dart­ford

An­swered by Keith Rois­set­ter, In­fin­ity Mo­tor­cy­cles If you only want to take calls you’ll get away with a cheaper unit than one which al­lows you talk to other peo­ple up to a mile away, but if you think you’ll use that fa­cil­ity in the fu­ture then it may be worth get­ting a bet­ter kit.

Most of the units I’m list­ing here An­swered by Andy ForbesBuck­ing­ham, AFB Mo­tor­cy­cles I owned an FXR for 10 years and I got through one reg­u­la­tor a year on av­er­age. Dyna, Sof­tail and Fxr-se­ries bikes, as well as Har­ley clones like S&S, all site the reg­u­la­tor be­tween the front down­tubes. Sit­ting there the cool­ing fins get cov­ered in crud and the clamp to the frame al­low you to lis­ten to mu­sic via your phone and will cut the tunes when a call comes in. They’ll also al­low hookup with a suit­able GPS unit. Ba­sic units to look for in­clude the Sena SMH5, the Scala rider Q1 or the In­ter­phone Ur­ban Blue­tooth in­ter­com. The Au­to­com Air-1 will in­te­grate into your hel­met with­out the bulge the other units will give it.

Prices quoted here in­clude VAT. Hel­mets are Vat-free, so if you’re think­ing of buy­ing a new lid in the near fu­ture, you can get the Blue­tooth unit bun­dled up so it’s Vat-free too. which dou­bles as the earth, is com­pro­mised. On bikes we ser­vice we gen­er­ally add a ded­i­cated earth wire to the neg­a­tive bat­tery ter­mi­nal in­stead.

If the new reg/rec is clean and cor­ro­sion-free, then you are look­ing at an al­ter­na­tor issue. The AC volt­age out­put needs test­ing and also the wind­ings for con­ti­nu­ity to one an­other, but not to chas­sis. If the mica in­su­la­tion for the wind­ings has cracked, you can get a Ôfly­ing shortõ when you are out on the bike, which would ex­plain the Ôspeedo er­rorõ. As the tem­per­a­ture builds up the mica tight­ens up on the wind­ings which gives you a heavy fluc­tu­a­tion in al­ter­na­tor out­put, which could have been a fac­tor in the first reg/ rec fail­ing. I was rid­ing my 2015 bike along an A-road yes­ter­day at about 70mph when the clocks and sys­tems shut­down. The speedo went to zero, the trac­tion con­trol dis­en­gaged and the FI light came on, which was alarm­ing. Ed Tan­ner, Bris­tol

An­swered by Steve Scully, GT Mo­tor­cy­cles We’ve heard of an­other V-strom 1000 with sim­i­lar symp­toms, and it turned out to be a fault in the ABS pump. Get it into a dealer so they can run a di­ag­nos­tics check. As the bike is less than two years old you should be able to get the work done un­der war­ranty.

I have just had an ac­ci­dent after an­other ve­hi­cle smashed into me while I was sta­tion­ary. Their in­surer called straight away as they were keen to re­duce their li­a­bil­i­ties. My bike has been dam­aged and will take time to be re­paired but they are say­ing I can’t have a cour­tesy bike for com­mut­ing as I own a car.

Gary Swan­dells, email

This prac­tice, known as third party cap­ture, has be­come com­mon among in­sur­ers. The idea is that they of­fer what they say is a has­sle-free re­pair, or early com­pen­sa­tion if you have suf­fered an in­jury, although there are usu­ally con­di­tions. The rea­son they can seek to limit their li­a­bil­ity in these cases is be­cause they are of­fer­ing what they say is some­thing ex­tra by not mak­ing you go through the for­mal claims process. This is done to try to pre­vent in­jured par­ties from fully ex­plor­ing their rights.

What they don’t tell you is that your claim isn’t ac­tu­ally a claim on their pol­icy but rather they have a statu­tory obli­ga­tion to pay what the other driver would be re­quired to pay if you sued them di­rectly, and the only limit to that is what the court would make them pay.

On that test, the cost of a re­place­ment ve­hi­cle while yours is be­ing fixed is usu­ally re­cov­er­able as long as the hire was gen­uinely re­quired. In­sur­ers in­ter­pret that to mean that the cost of a hire bike shouldn’t be re­cov­er­able if you have a car but as long as there is a spe­cific rea­son why a bike is needed, such as re­duced com­mut­ing time or some­one else need­ing the car, there shouldn’t be a prob­lem.

Your prob­lems could be thanks to the sit­ing of the reg/rec Sounds like a war­ranty issue on your V-strom

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