Zero is the elec­tric hero

New DSR ma­chine could take bat­tery bikes to the next level

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Have Zero Mo­tor­cy­cles fi­nally pro­duced a mo­tor­cy­cle that par­al­lels the Tesla elec­tric car? Your re­cent re­view (MCN, July 27) sug­gests that the new scram­bler-style DSR pro­vides sporting per­for­mance that is so user friendly that it's ac­ces­si­ble to all – just as Tesla have done in the car world. As mo­tor­cy­cles aren't pri­mary ve­hi­cles for most own­ers the limited range/recharge time isn't likely to be as much of a prob­lem as it is with a car where most peo­ple only have one. Zero may well have cre­ated the first elec­tric bike that has the po­ten­tial to go main­stream and the more peo­ple go elec­tric, the faster the tech­nol­ogy will de­velop. Matt Lit­tle, email

Chances of go­ing elec­tric? Zero

Let me get this straight. For money in the same ball park as an R1, Di­avel or R1200GS, I can buy an elec­tric bike with much poorer per­for­mance and which re­quires recharg­ing for nine hours to do 150 miles. I want to do the North­ern Loop ride and to reach In­ver­ness from where I live, I’d have to recharge at least three times, an­other three times around the Loop and an­other three times go­ing home. Michael Price, email

It's a fault too far

I al­ways read your long-term bike tests with in­ter­est as this is where most of us will be ei­ther look­ing at dif­fer­ent opin­ions on bikes we own, have owned, dream of, or are think­ing of pur­chas­ing. Hav­ing read Andy Downes’ lat­est re­view of the S1000XR I think this will be off my Christmas list. BMW are pos­si­bly a vic­tim of their own suc­cess, but a bike with three ma­jor prob­lems in less than 5000 miles, (and it costs the best part of £17,500) is un­ac­cept­able. My car costs the same, and my Ver­sys sub­stan­tially less and (touch wood) nei­ther have given me any prob­lems in higher mileage than the BMW. BMW, get your act to­gether or busi­ness will be lost. Ian Hip­kiss, email

Dun­lops rule the roads

Just re­turned from watch­ing the road racing at Ar­moy after a mem­o­rable week­end. The Dun­lop brothers dom­i­nated at their home cir­cuit, win­ning two races each. Some may dis­agree, but I reckon Michael Dun­lop is the best su­per­bike road racer in the world. His win in the ‘race of leg­ends’ was pure con­trolled vi­o­lence! In­cred­i­ble. You can keep your short cir­cuit racing folks. Andy Dudley, email

Rossi’s no le­gend

I just don’t get the idol­i­sa­tion of Valentino Rossi! I agree as a rac- er he has a claim at ‘Great­est of All Time’, no ar­gu­ment. It’s the whole ‘the cho­sen one is among us’ thing I don’t sign up to. The cynic in me sees not a mo­tor­cy­cle racer (which un­doubt­edly he is) but a sporting brand, prod­uct place­ment, any­one else see that or is it just me? Still, I was the same with Sheene, and Sch­wantz. Maybe it’s a York­shire thing, cut through the flan­nel, and am per­fectly happy to be shown the er­ror of my ways, but you’ll have to work at it! Si­mon Bar­rett, email Ed: Mean­while for Sheene fans we have a great fea­ture on page 18! Spot­ted: Id­iot of the week Saw this guy yes­ter­day in the New For­est. Think it’s a BMW R1200GS. Both rider and pil­lion are in san­dals, shorts and no gloves. The road out­side the car park is a twisty na­tional speed limit stretch. Bog­gles the mind that peo­ple do this. Adam John­son, email V-strom in a teacup I’ve read a cou­ple of re­views on Suzuki’s 650 V-strom in your pa­per and all was fine un­til you men­tioned the lack of a clock and no ad­just­ment on the screen. I have a 650 XT and there is the fa­cil­ity to ad­just the screen man­u­ally by quickly and eas­ily re­mov­ing the bolts and mov­ing the screen up or down to the next holes. The lack of a clock isn’t an is­sue on mine as you can change the ex­ter­nal tem­per­a­ture gauge to a clock via the trig­ger switch on the left bar and the knob on the dash. I don’t think this op­tion is ex­clu­sive to the XT, no doubt own­ers of stan­dard V-stroms will be able to com­ment. My XT has just done 1600 miles round Scot­land in six days. It’s a crack­ing bike for that sort of job and in­deed ev­ery job. I love it. Nick Jack­son, email

TE Lawrence would laugh

The re­born Brough for me makes lit­tle sense. Brough in its day rep­re­sented cut­ting-edge de­sign and per­for­mance, the bike that mo­tor­cy­clists of the time lusted after. How­ever the ‘new’ Brough is sim­ply a mod­ern copy of an ‘old’ de­sign seem­ingly driven by nos­tal­gia. When rein­tro­duc­ing a his­toric brand surely de­sign­ers should cre­ate a ma­chine that re­flects what the brand stood for in its day? For Brough that would mean build­ing a cut­ting-edge ma­chine that could take on ri­val brands to­day. If Ge­orge Brough could now see this ma­chine bear­ing his name what would he think? And when TE Lawrence popped round to view I think he’d be laugh­ing all the way to the KTM or Du­cati show­room. Tim Young, email

Looks like we’re reach­ing a point where elec­tric bikes are no longer geeky

ready to charge the new Zero Those tur­bines are busy get­ting

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