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Why does car­ry­ing a pil­lion turn my R1 soft?

When I’m out on my 2010 Yamaha R1 two-up the back end is bounc­ing around when I’m ac­cel­er­at­ing out of bends, es­pe­cially on rougher road sur­faces. The front also feels slightly soft. Russ Wood­head, email

An­swered by Gareth Evans, Re­ac­tive Sus­pen­sion Both the preload and re­bound damp­ing will need to be in­creased to ac­com­mo­date the ex­tra weight of the pil­lion. Re­bound damp­ing con­trols how fast the stored en­ergy in the spring is re­leased. Hav­ing the ex­tra weight of a pas­sen­ger means the spring is com­pressed more over bumps and un­der ac­cel­er­a­tion. As it’s be­ing com­pressed more it has more stored force, so needs more re­bound damp­ing to con­trol the re­lease of en­ergy which you are feel­ing as ‘bounc­ing around’.

There are no fixed val­ues I can give you, as how much ex­tra preload and re­bound re­quired de­pends on the weight of the pas­sen­ger. Write down what your set­tings are for solo rid­ing, then make small changes un­til you get the ride qual­ity that you want. When you’ve got a set­ting you like, write that down, then you’ll have a solo and two-up set­ting.

Al­though I drive a taxi for a liv­ing, my personal trans­port is a bike – no car. I need a cam­era I can at­tach to my Schu­berth C3 flip hel­met, and then be mounted in the taxi for work­ing hours. I’m not on a bud­get as I would pre­fer some­thing un­ob­tru­sive rather than a big box hang­ing off my hel­met! Des Southon, Hove

An­swered by Tony Hoare, MCN If you want a dash­cam that con­stantly takes in footage and then stores it in case of a col­li­sion, you would be bet­ter off buy­ing two sep­a­rate cam­eras as the two jobs are so dif­fer­ent. A bike-spe­cific cam­era needs to be water­proof and also have spe­cific mounts, which in­creases the price sig­nif­i­cantly. The bike-spe­cific Nextbase Ride is £249.99 and won’t work well in a car, while Nextbase’s en­try-level car dash­cam, the 212, costs £69.99. Buy­ing that will leave you plenty of cash to buy a sim­ple cam­era to use on your bike. The Gopro Hero Ses­sion (£159.99) is a good op­tion, as is a Drift Stealth 2 (£99.99), which al­lows you to ret­ro­spec­tively store the last few min­utes of footage, rather than hav­ing to delete the bor­ing bits at the end of each ride.

Adding more re­bound damp­ing will give a smoother two-up ride

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