Why is my Aprilia Falco’s clutch slip­ping?

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My 2005 Aprilia SL1000 Falco’s clutch is slip­ping once the en­gine gets up to the up­per lim­its of its oper­at­ing tem­per­a­ture at 93 de­grees. When the bike is first rid­den or after a run the clutch is fine, but get into stop-start traf­fic and very quickly the clutch slips to the point it is al­most un­ride­able. I have re­cently re­placed the lever and mas­ter cylin­der and bled the clutch with no change. John Tap­pen­den, email

An­swered by Griff Wool­ley, Aprilia Per­for­mance Check for freeplay in that new clutch lever and back it off if nec­es­sary. You should have trans­ferred the clutch ac­tu­a­tor pin from the old lever to the new one, es­pe­cially if you are fit­ting a pat­tern lever that might have slightly dif­fer­ent di­men­sions. It’s also re­ally easy for the lever pin to catch the rub­ber boot where it meets the mas­ter cylin­der. If the clutch springs’ free length is less than 43mm they need re­plac­ing and a re­cent oil change could be a fac­tor as I’ve found that some fully syn­thetic oils can cause clutch slip. I use Mor­ris Sport 4 semi-syn­thetic in 10w/40 or 15w/50.

Fully syn­thetic oils can cause clutch slip

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