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FUEL 13.8 litres @ 55mpg = 167 miles WEIGHT 197kg SEAT 785mm POWER 75bhp TORQUE 47ftlb THE RIDER Tony Hoare. Ex­pe­ri­enced rider and for­mer racer who seems to be los­ing his ap­petite for go­ing fast HEIGHT 5ft 10in WEIGHT 95kg tony.hoare@mo­tor­cy­cle­

A stint on Kawasaki’s H2 has shown me that I made the right choice go­ing for the SV650. The 207bhp, 205mph H2 is amaz­ing, but hav­ing all that power and nowhere to use it ends in frus­tra­tion. After three days its num­ber­plate flew off while I was out rid­ing, so it was time to put it away and bring out the SV. The 650 did lack on ac­cel­er­a­tion after the H2 (what wouldn’t?), but there’s only so fast you can go on the road. I can ride the SV within those speeds and it’s a re­ward­ing ex­pe­ri­ence, while an H2 is barely off idle. I’m glad to be back on the Suzuki!


207bhp? It’s wild but too frus­trat­ing

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