‘Ex­pect strong de­mand for eco­nom­i­cal bikes’

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The re­sult of the Euro­pean ref­er­en­dum has had an ef­fect on the pound’s value against other cur­ren­cies, but you must re­mem­ber some­thing: just as ev­ery up­swing is an op­por­tu­nity, so too is ev­ery down­swing. Peo­ple make money in fall­ing mar­kets too. Ever seen the film The Big Short? You should.

Last week, I out­lined what ma­chin­ery was go­ing to be more ex­pen­sive in 2017 Ð any­thing new and made out­side the UK, ef­fec­tively Ð ex­cept pos­si­bly some Asian-built Tri­umphs. And used bikes, be­cause against the back­drop of ex­pen­sive new stuff, they look cheap even if they’re 10-15% pricier than last year.

I think we are go­ing to be in for a pe­riod of aus­ter­ity, and we’ve just come out of the last one. I’m no eco­nomic pun­dit, but I can’t see our econ­omy strength­en­ing for some time. So what bikes are go­ing to be in de­mand?

You got it: eco­nom­i­cal and prac­ti­cal ones. Don’t for­get that oil is counted in dol­lars too, and so we’re go­ing to see higher prices at the pumps.

I’d be look­ing at things like used Yamaha twins and triples, the var­i­ous grades of Kawasaki Ver­sys, the peren­nial Suzuki Ban­dits, any­thing Honda with a CBF pre­fix, pos­si­ble Street Triples if Tri­umph can keep the price rea­son­able and, as ever, any­thing air­head BMW and air­cooled four cylin­der from Honda.

And if you re­cently bought some­thing like a Kawasaki 300 Ninja or Yamaha R3, well done. These and sim­i­lar are go­ing to be in strong de­mand as used bikes in 2017; de­pend on it.

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