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My 2001 Aprilia Falco has 25,000 miles on the clock and re­fuses to start un­less I prime the carbs with Easy Start. I have changed the fuel pump and checked the fuel pres­sure, in­jec­tors and cam sen­sor are all OK. David Davis, email

An­swered by Griff Wool­ley, Aprilia Per­for­mance I’ve seen this behaviour a few times where pre­vi­ous own­ers think that a good ser­vice means keep­ing the chain clean! You need to check that your valve clear­ances are cor­rect and part of the ser­vice sched­ule on the Falco is to cor­rect the car­bon monox­ide lev­els. If this is ne­glected, the same symp­toms arise. If that doesn’t cure it, it’s def­i­nitely worth do­ing a com­pres­sion check on the mo­tor.

The brakes on my Tri­umph Sprint ST are still bind­ing af­ter a full caliper re­furb and brake mas­ter cylin­der re­furb. I have no­ticed a slight gap be­tween the left hand fork and spacer, so I think some­thing isn’t align­ing. Nick, email

An­swered by Clive Wood, Clive Wood Tri­umph The ‘gap’ you men­tion is per­fectly nor­mal. The wheel spin­dle tight­ens on one fork, then two clamps on the other leg hold the spin­dle in place. That de­sign means it’s not pos­si­ble to over­tighten the spin­dle and pull the forks to­gether. The pro­ce­dure is to tighten that one fork, then pump the forks up and down to en­cour­age it to be lined up be­fore tight­en­ing the clamps on the other fork.

If that’s done OK I think the prob­lem is still around the calipers. The pis­tons should glide in and out smoothly. If not, it’s most likely to be cor­ro­sion against the back of the dust seals, which needs scrap­ing out. Don’t be tempted to have a go around the main pis­ton seals as you’ll wreck the calipers.

The other pos­si­ble cause is the grease you’ve used dur­ing the re­assem­bly. Red rub­ber grease is the only suit­able one. Any other type, will make the rub­ber com­po­nents swell.

Bit of a bind? Could be a grease prob­lem

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