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Schu­berth E1 £599.99

Tester Andy David­son Time tested Five months/6000 miles

What’s good? Schu­berth’s new E1 hel­met is based on the Ger­man com­pany’s C3 Pro flipfront but with a dif­fer­ent chin­bar, a more off-road suit­able liner and a re­mov­able peak. Sub­tle changes, yes, but what a mas­sive dif­fer­ence they make. I’ve cov­ered around 20,000 miles in a C3 Pro and it’s the ideal tour­ing hel­met, while the E1 is the ul­ti­mate ad­ven­ture hel­met. The new vents work well, al­low­ing plenty of air in through the mouth piece. And the peak slides back when the chin­bar goes up, and comes back down into po­si­tion when it’s re­turned to the full-face po­si­tion. The E1, with the peak de­tached, is prov­ing to be a bril­liant hel­met for my 90-minute com­mutes and, with the peak at­tached, it’s ideal for trail rid­ing.

It’s in­cred­i­bly com­fort­able and prac­ti­cal with an in­ter­nal sun vi­sor and it’s ready to take Schu­berth’s Blue­tooth com­mu­ni­ca­tion sys­tem. The E1 is an ex­cel­lent all-rounder.

What’s not? The peak isn’t rigidly fixed so go over 75mph and it vi­brates too much. You can see the peak out of your pe­riph­eral vi­sion and the con­stant move­ment is rather dis­tract­ing. So for mo­tor­way rid­ing I sim­ply de­tach the peak and pop it in my ruck­sack. This is an in­cred­i­bly ver­sa­tile hel­met and you’re get­ting a lot for your money, but the £600 price tag is a bit steep (it’s £60 cheaper at £539.99 if you opt for plain colours).

Con­tact www.tranam.co.uk

Alpines­tars Ray­burn Rid­ing Shoes £169.99

Tester Si­mon Relph Time tested Six months/2500 miles

What’s good? When I first saw these boots I felt Alpines­tars had got the retro look just right. I ride clas­sic bikes a lot and felt they would be just the job for low-de­mand sum­mer rid­ing. I’m pleased to say I have not been dis­ap­pointed. From the out­set they have been very com­fort­able, even with the amount of pro­tec­tion built in, from re­in­forced toes and heels to anatom­i­cal an­kle ar­mour on both sides of each boot. Made from very nice sup­ple leather, these boots have aged to give them that lived-in look with­out run­ning the risk of look­ing scruffy. I have been wear­ing them al­most ev­ery day and found them great for both on and off the bike.

What’s not? I wish the leather loops on the rear of the boots were stitched nearer to the top, this would have made them eas­ier to pull on. Re­cently I got caught in tor­ren­tial rain while wear­ing them and soon had wet feet, but I think most short boots would strug­gle with that amount of wa­ter. So as long as you’re not re­ly­ing on these as your num­ber one water­proof boots, they are a great all-day op­tion.

Con­tact www.alpines­tars.com Qual­ity ★★★★ ★ Value ★★★★ ★

Nexx XG100 Bolt hel­met £199.99

Tester Ped Baker Time tested Two months/500 miles What’s good? It’s cer­tainly in­di­vid­ual. In both looks and de­sign the XG is like no other hel­met I’ve used be­fore. With studs for a sun peak and a clip-on vi­sor the Nexx XG comes with both, mak­ing it ver­sa­tile and unique. The peak isn’t big enough to catch the wind at mo­tor­way speeds but pro­vides ex­cel­lent pro­tec­tion from a low sun. The lin­ing is plush, re­mov­able, wash­able and, due to the deep chin bar, I feel cos­seted and well pro­tected. The XG100 is very well fin­ished, and there are six con­tem­po­rary colourschemes to choose from.

What’s not? I find it im­pos­si­ble to raise or lower the vi­sor with one hand so any ad­just­ments have to be made while I’m sta­tion­ary. If you’re a spec­ta­cle wearer like me un­clip­ping/ re­clip­ping the vi­sor ev­ery time you put on and re­move the hel­met takes in­con­ve­nience to a whole new level − but if you’re sold on the XG100’S unique ap­pear­ance you might just about find it OK.

Con­tact www.fac­to­rya­gen­cies.co.uk Qual­ity ★★★ ★★ Value ★★★★ ★

Kr­iega Hy­dro-3 back­pack £89

Tester Michael Guy Time tested 18 months/600 miles

What’s good? Kr­iega have a well-de­served rep­u­ta­tion for pro­duc­ing high-end bike ruck­sacks and lug­gage and this Hy­dro-3 back­pack lives up to their stan­dards. It’s a ded­i­cated hy­dra­tion pack that can hold up to three litres of fluid in its tough blad­der. The hose that en­ables you to drink is easy to use, can be closed off and has an ex­tra outer to im­prove dura­bil­ity. The bag it­self is thick, tough and fea­tures a pocket on the back, which is big enough for a spare pair of gloves and some en­ergy bars. It has fully ad­justable chest and waist straps, which en­sure the bag doesn’t dance around on your back when the go­ing gets rough off-road.

What’s not? In terms of qual­ity and func­tion there is noth­ing to fault. The only pos­si­ble is­sue is that be­cause of the stur­di­ness, it’s not the light­est hy­dra­tion pack I’ve used so it’s def­i­nitely geared more to­wards off-road mo­tor­cy­cling than, say, moun­tain bik­ing. Con­tact www.kr­iega.com Qual­ity ★★★★★ Value ★★★★★

Schu­berth E1 mixes all the best el­e­ments of a tour­ing hel­met, with the essen­tials from a dirt lid

Take a peak Peak can be used both with the vi­sor and with­out it. It’s easy to re­move and at­tach.

The E1 comes with an in­ter­nal sun vi­sor which flicks down via a slid­ing tab. Shields down

New mouth piece al­lows plenty of air flow and has a re­mov­able fil­ter for dusty rides. Breathe easy

Well made hy­dra­tion pack is ready for of­froad ac­tion

Vi­sor and peak pop off and on

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