Are there other op­tions?

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Can I swap man­u­fac­tur­ers?

Yes. The new dealer will pay off what’s out­stand­ing on the bike (pro­vided it’s in re­spectable con­di­tion) and roll you into a deal on one of theirs. Most of the ma­jor man­u­fac­tur­ers is­sue plans through Black Horse, but some use other fi­nance groups – such as KTM with San­tander – so if you’re plan­ning on jump­ing be­tween man­u­fac­tur­ers, dou­ble-check your op­tions be­fore you buy. Deal­ers and fi­nance com­pa­nies are both highly mo­ti­vated to help make your pur­chases as easy as pos­si­ble – so tell them what you want, and they’ll tell you what it’ll cost to do it. Sim­ple.

Can I get a PCP deal on a sec­ond­hand bike?

Yes. Many deal­ers can of­fer this, and it’s all down to the choice of bike, and you, as to whether this is bet­ter than the deal you could get on a new bike. Gen­er­ally the bike has to be un­der three years old to start with and must usu­ally be un­der five years old at the end of the PCP. How­ever, be­cause of the lower re­tail price you might be able to af­ford the re­pay­ments on a straight loan, which could work out cheaper. The bonus with buy­ing nearly new is that a chunk of de­pre­ci­a­tion has al­ready gone – but you might still find there are bet­ter deals on new bikes.

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