‘Now Cal is just nuts, not to­tally bats**t’

Mark Cavendish

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There’s few peo­ple as well po­si­tioned to know ex­actly what Cal Crutchlow puts into his sport and what win­ning does for the mind­set than close friend and 30time Tour de France stage win­ner Mark Cavendish.

Both friend and train­ing part­ner to Crutchlow, the yel­low jersey win­ner says his heart rate spiked even higher than Crutchlow’s when he was watch­ing the Brno race on his way home from his sil­ver medal suc­cess at this year’s Rio Olympics.

“I was watch­ing the race on the app on my phone. It was in­cred­i­ble watch­ing him pick his way through the field – but with five laps to go, my sig­nal died! I got home with a lap to go, and rushed in scream­ing ‘get the TV on!’. ”

But with Cavendish a fre­quent train­ing part­ner of Crutchlow’s (and the mo­tor­bike racer the match of the sprinter over some of the Isle of Man’s climbs), the Manx­man also knows how much went into the win.

“He proper de­serves it. He hasn’t had the eas­i­est of times, but he’s al­ways been there just chip­ping away. I al­ways knew he could do it, and it’s dead nice to see. He works so hard away from rac­ing, and he’s su­per good on a bike. Peo­ple who don’t know him don’t al­ways see what he puts into it, but those of us close to him know what it takes.”

And as the fa­ther of two kids of his own, both of whom have had the chance to join him on a Tour de France podium, Cavendish says that the birth of Cal’s daugh­ter will only make him stronger.

“There’s been a mas­sive change in him since Wil­low came along. Now he’s just nuts, not ab­so­lutely bats**t like he was be­fore! Now that he’s do­ing it for some­one, to make them proud, he’s got even more mo­ti­va­tion. When he’s not on his bike, he’s got her in his arms – he’s a proper proud dad.”

‘When he’s not on his bike, he’s got her in his arms – he’s a proper proud dad’ MARK CAVENDISH

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