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The BMW S1000XR has re­cently been treated to a new set of tyres as I wanted to try some­thing dif­fer­ent af­ter be­ing forced to re­move the Dun­lop Road­s­mart IIIS only part of the way through their life.

The Dun­lops had plenty of miles left in them and I was just start­ing to give them a thor­ough test, but fol­low­ing some en­gine work an in­spec­tion bolt worked loose and most of the en­gine oil leaked out and coated the tread. As the tyres couldn’t be cleaned up prop­erly they had to go in the bin.

So far the XR has been through three sets of tyres: two avail­able as orig­i­nal op­tions from BMW in the form of the Bridge­stone T30 (£219, mail or­der be­fore fit­ting) and the Pirelli Di­ablo Rosso II (£211). Both were more than good enough, of­fer­ing plenty of grip in wet and dry.

I was left with no op­tion but to fit the Pirellis as they were the only ones avail­able from the dealer who was fix­ing the bike af­ter the oil leak and be­cause I only had three days’ no­tice be­fore a planned ride over to Bavaria in Ger­many.

The Pirellis re­placed the Dun­lop Road­s­mart IIIS which were an ex­cel­lent up­grade over the orig­i­nal Bridge­stone T30s, with the Dun­lops feel­ing more pli­ant and of­fer­ing amaz­ing dry and wet weather grip. I was sad to see them fin­ished off af­ter be­ing soaked in oil and I’m sure they would still be wear­ing well given how lit­tle im­pact 1000 miles had shown be­fore they were binned.

Fol­low­ing my trip, I re­turned to the UK with more than 2500 miles added to the XR’S odome­ter. The Pirellis were still in good shape but I opted to get some­thing new fit­ted in or­der to of­fer XR own­ers some in­for­ma­tion on the range of tyre op­tions avail­able.

I opted for a set of Mete­zler Road­tec 01s (£239), which are a match for the mighty Dun­lop Road­s­mart IIIS (£215). They warm up quickly, dry grip is stun­ning, wet grip is al­most spooky and they suit the bike bril­liantly. With nearly 1500 miles on them al­ready, they still look like new. The bike needs a ser­vice next week now the mileage has al­most hit 6000.

Ru­ined: oil-drenched Road­s­marts Fast warm-up from the Road­tec 01s Bridge­stone T30s are the orig­i­nal fit­ment on the XR

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