‘Steer­ing head bear­ings didn’t al­ways get enough grease at the fac­tory’

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‘ Th­ese are nice ma­chines. Comfy and they rarely go wrong’

“There can be prob­lems with the cam­chain ten­sioner. Once the en­gine is warm, blip the throt­tle and lis­ten for a rat­tling sound on the over-run once the throt­tle is shut. That means a re­place­ment cam­chain ten­sioner, which is ap­prox­i­mately £100.

“There was the odd is­sue with the charg­ing sys­tem so use a mul­ti­me­ter to check the bat­tery is show­ing around 14.7V when the en­gine is run­ning. The other trou­ble in the electrics was that the ABS light would show as a fault and that was due to a break in the wire at the rear of the bike. That was quite un­usual, but it did hap­pen some­times so check on a test ride that the ABS light goes off once you reach 10mph.

“If the light doesn’t go out, it would need to go to a Honda dealer so they can put it on the di­ag­nos­tic ma­chine and get the er­ror code. It’s not a mas­sively ex­pen­sive fix and it’s not that com­mon that it goes wrong, but I’ve seen a hand­ful of bikes with the is­sue, which used to hap­pen to the Hor­nets as well.

“If it is the wire that’s failed, you have to take the un­der­tray off, so you’re look­ing at three or four hours labour, and that’s if the per­son knows what they are look­ing for.

“An­other thing to look at is steer­ing head bear­ings, which some­times didn’t have enough grease in them from the fac­tory. This made them a lit­tle tight and they be­came a lit­tle notchy in the cen­tre. If you raise the front wheel and turn the bars in ei­ther di­rec­tion you’ll feel a notch. If it’s a se­ri­ous case you’d feel it with­out rais­ing the wheel.

“Also, if the bike has crash mush­rooms fit­ted, be aware that if bolts have not been greased prop­erly then try­ing to re­move them can snap the lug on the front of the en­gine. That is a mega ex­pen­sive re­pair as we have had some oc­ca­sions where we had to get the cases welded.

“Squirt them with a light oil or pen­e­trant and let it soak in. Then get a breaker bar and see if they will undo, but if you face mas­sive re­sis­tance then leave them alone.

“Over­all this gen­er­a­tion of CBRS were nice ma­chines – com­fort­able, rarely go wrong and good all-rounders that got a bit un­fairly over­looked.”

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