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FUEL 30 litres @ 47.82mpg = 316miles WEIGHT 254kg SEAT 850mm POWER 157bhp TORQUE 100ftlb ANDY DAVID­SON Ad­ven­turer and long-dis­tance rider with nine years’ ex­pe­ri­ence

HEIGHT 5ft 7in WEIGHT 73kg andy.david­son@mo­tor­cy­cle­news.com I love the Mul­tistrada’s four rid­ing modes. I started with ‘Ur­ban’; low on power (chop­ping 60bhp of its 160 max), soft on sus­pen­sion with max trac­tion con­trol and ABS. I quickly got bored. ‘Tour­ing’ makes sense on the long slogs; full power with smooth de­liv­ery and medium sus­pen­sion. Per­fect, or so I thought, un­til I dis­cov­ered… ‘Sport’. It’s full on ev­ery­thing; wrist-wrench­ing, rip-roar­ing in­san­ity which re­fuses to let me go back to the se­date safety of ‘Ur­ban’. My only choices now are ‘En­duro’ for the rough stuff and ‘Sport’ for ev­ery­thing else.

Multi’s four modes change bike’s na­ture

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