Bul­taco Brinco

‘It cer­tainly gets the en­dor­phins go­ing’

Motorcycle News (UK) - - New Bikes - By Peter Hen­shaw MCN CON­TRIB­U­TOR

“For­get the distinc­tion be­tween mo­tor­cy­cle and bi­cy­cle,” says Bul­taco Mar­ket­ing Man­ager Alessan­dro, “just ride it.” The Brinco re­ally does blur the distinc­tion be­tween the two – it’s got ped­als, but with a 2Kw mo­tor (about 50cc moped power), de­cent sus­pen­sion, brakes and mo­tor­cy­cle at­ti­tude.

Bul­taco re­launched it­self two years ago, and the off-road Brinco R went on sale in 2015. This lat­est ad­di­tion to the range is road le­gal, open­ing up the ap­peal to com­muters, green lan­ers and those who do a bit of both. It’s classed as a moped, but opt for the re­stricted ver­sion (15.5mph) and it qual­i­fies as a ped­elec (elec­tric bi­cy­cle) – that means no li­cence, in­sur­ance, tax or MOT, and it can be rid­den by a 14-year-old. A Bul­taco dealer can der­e­strict it, but of course that turns it into a moped and you’ll need all the le­gal stuff.

You sit high on the Brinco, over 1000mm off the ground, but that’s so your legs can get a good power stretch for ped­alling. And the pedal power does make a dif­fer­ence. The av­er­age hu­man pro­duces about 200 watts, adding a 10% boost to the Brinco’s out­put, and re­sult­ing in nippy ac­cel­er­a­tion up to an in­di­cated 31-32mph. With 18 gears, you can keep ped­alling at that speed, and though you’re not adding a lot of power, it cer­tainly gets the en­dor­phins go­ing.

The Brinco slips through traf­fic eas­ier than a vet­eran courier on a 125 trailie. All the in­gre­di­ents for traf­fic slic­ing are there. The high seat gives you a good view and at 42kg, it weighs half as much as the sim­plest moped, so it’s very easy to flick around sta­tion­ary queues.

That’s backed up by de­cent brakes – Magura discs at both ends, with a dinky lit­tle four-pot caliper on the front, and multi-ad­justable sus­pen­sion. In fact, the Brinco is re­ally an on/ off-roader, and Bul­taco un­der­lined the fact by tak­ing us to a BMX track, where it coped eas­ily with as­sorted whoops, dips and berms.

The Brinco is ex­pen­sive at £4495, though the price will come down if the Gov­ern­ment gives elec­tric twowheel­ers the same sub­sidy it of­fers on elec­tric cars. Bul­taco claim a range of ‘up to 100km’ (62 miles) on a charge, but that’s prob­a­bly op­ti­mistic – a full recharge takes three hours, for which the bat­tery is un­locked from the bike and taken in­doors.

Mo­tor-as­sisted Brinco is ideal for traf­fic bust­ing, green lan­ing and fun!

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