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Caberg Drift hel­met £209.99

Tester Tony Hoare Time tested Three months/3000 miles What’s good? Caberg are nor­mally as­so­ci­ated with bud­get hel­mets with ther­mo­plas­tic shells, but this is part of the Ital­ian firm’s at­tempt to move up­mar­ket. The Drift has a com­pos­ite-fi­bre shell that makes it suit­ably light and it also has a classier lin­ing than might be ex­pected of the brand. The strap se­cures with D-rings, which is also dif­fer­ent from the mi­cro-lock-type ratchet more com­monly found on their range. The hel­met has im­pressed me in my three months. It’s re­mained com­fort­able, al­lows plenty of air in through vents that are easy to use thanks to chunky slid­ing clo­sures and is even rel­a­tively quiet (though I al­ways wear earplugs). The styling is like an ad­ven­ture hel­met with­out a peak, which won’t suit all rid­ers but it works for me. I also like the fact the vi­sor has a lift­ing tab on each side, so I can lift with left or right hand, de­pend­ing on which is most con­ve­nient at the time. The vi­sor also has an ef­fec­tive Pin­lock anti-mist insert. The price is higher than usual for a Caberg − £199.99 for plain colours, £209.99 for graph­ics like this or £249.99 in car­bon fin­ish – but the qual­ity re­flects that price.

What’s not? The drop­down sun vi­sor mists eas­ily, but that is­sue isn’t par­tic­u­lar to Caberg. The vi­sor change mech­a­nism is also a bit of a tricky fid­dle.

Con­tact www.cabergcares.co.uk

Easy-to-use vents, good build + qual­ity, twin lift­ing tabs for the vi­sor

Mist­ing in­ner vi­sor. - The ad­ven­ture-es­que styling won’t ap­peal to all Qual­ity ★★★★ ★ Value ★★★★ ★

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