Are Gt-style tyres right for my Hayabusa?

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My 2015 Suzuki Hayabusa is due a tyre change and I want to go to a sports-tour­ing tyre. Do I need the GT ver­sions for heav­ier bikes? Keith Col­bourne, Risca

An­swered by Bryn Phillips, Cam­brian Tyres It used to be that there wasn’t much choice of sports-tour­ing tyres for the Hayabusa but th­ese days most man­u­fac­tur­ers have an ap­proved op­tion for the bike. The one we have most ex­pe­ri­ence of is the Bridge­stone T30, which of­fers good high-speed sta­bil­ity al­lied to han­dling re­sponse more akin to a sports tyre, and in its new T30 EVO ver­sion they’ve re­ally ramped up the wet grip.

Miche­lin’s Pilot Road 4 is al­ways a pop­u­lar sports-tour­ing tyre and like the T30 EVO, sta­bil­ity is very good and its wet grip is well re­garded.

The tyres listed above are rec­om­mended by their man­u­fac­tur­ers for fit­ment on the Hayabusa in their stan­dard ver­sions, i.e. not the ‘GT’ or ‘HWM’ va­ri­eties, which are in­tended for heav­ier ma­chines. We have no­ticed a ten­dency for rid­ers to re­quest GT ver­sions of tyres for fit­ment on bikes not in­tended to take them, of­ten in the mis-held be­lief that the GT tyres will re­turn bet­ter tread life. This is not what GT ver­sions were de­vel­oped for. It is their in­ter­nal con­struc­tion and ma­te­ri­als that are dif­fer­ent in or­der to op­ti­mise han­dling on bikes that re­quire it. Fit­ting GT tyres on a bike for which the stan­dard ver­sion of a tyre is rec­om­mended may up­set its road­hold­ing per­for­mance.

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