What’s wrong with my GSX-R’S gear­box?

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When my Suzuki GSX-R1000 K5 is run­ning hot around town it be­comes a lit­tle less pos­i­tive when chang­ing gear and some­times shows the wrong gear po­si­tion. Most an­noy­ingly, it im­me­di­ately stalls when sta­tion­ary at traf­fic lights when I change from neu­tral to first. I have checked and cleaned the side­stand cut-out switch and ad­justed the clutch and the ca­ble. The gear lever ac­tion has im­proved, but the cut­ting out per­sists un­less I rev the bike over 4000rpm be­fore se­lect­ing first. Brian Coles, email

An­swered by Dave Ball, Fowlers Bris­tol We have changed the gear po­si­tion sen­sors on 20 GSX-R1000 K5s in the last 18 months − all had sim­i­lar symp­toms. The sen­sor isn’t just telling you which gear you are in, it’s also telling the ECU so it knows to use the cor­rect fuelling map. Per­haps the rea­son you can keep it run­ning by blip­ping the throt­tle is that you get more fuel into the en­gine de­spite the bike think­ing it’s still in neu­tral so it doesn’t need much gas, so you get past the crit­i­cal point. The sen­sor costs about £70 and it’s easy to get at, as it is se­cured by two bolts and an O-ring above the front sprocket.

K5 is a leg­end but gear sen­sor can fail

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