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The bike started life as a Ver­tigo Com­bat Ice Hell 300, a 300cc fu­elin­jected two-stroke tri­als bike. It pro­duces 31bhp and has a six-speed gear­box. This fuel in­jec­tion will help with the wheelie be­cause there is no need to get the tilt right for the carb in or­der for the bike to run.

A big­ger fuel tank has been de­signed to hold an ex­tra four litres of fuel over the stan­dard 2.7-litre item, which would not be ca­pa­ble of get­ting Lamp­kin all the way round the 37.73-mile course.

There are pedal-like foot­pegs on the rear axle so that he can stand com­fort­ably dur­ing the wheelie at­tempt, de­vel­oped by Hope Tech – one of Lamp­kin’s spon­sors – which are float­ing, rather than fixed. There are two rear brake levers – one at the rear and one on the han­dle­bars where the front lever should be. These lead to two calipers, al­low­ing him to switch be­tween them to stop the fluid boil­ing.

There is an elec­tric mo­tor on the front wheel to keep it spin­ning for the en­tire lap. This con­tin­u­ous spin helps keep the bike in a straight line. How­ever, this spin of the wheel is also con­stantly try­ing to pull the front wheel down.

The gear­ing has also been al­tered, with two teeth added to the back sprocket and one less on the front.

The bike also has a small car­tridge gear­box, which means no risk of oil star­va­tion mid-wheelie.

Lamp­kin has also been test­ing a brake ca­ble at­tached to a har­ness, which will stop the front wheel if he adds ten­sion, and al­low it to spin again when the ten­sion is re­leased.

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