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My Suzuki GSX-R600 K7 fires up okay from cold, but once hot it’s a strug­gle to get go­ing. I’ve sent the starter mo­tor off to be looked at and it’s come back with no faults. My lo­cal garage thinks it’s valve clear­ances, which I’ve never had done due to cost. Ev­ery time I stop for fuel I have to wait for the bike to cool down, or bump­start it. What could it be? Mick Con­nolly, Liver­pool mo­tor that you get checked out, the prob­lem is still go­ing to be there. It sounds like your garage is on the right track. If your valve clear­ances haven’t been ad­justed for years, then it’s quite likely they have closed up. Once the en­gine is up to tem­per­a­ture and ev­ery­thing has ex­panded, some of the valves are be­ing held open, so the bike is los­ing so much mo­tocross boot, but the Corozal’s re­in­forced sole will be de­signed to take the weight of a bike rest­ing against it, so it won’t fold in and crush your foot. The soles are de­signed to work in road con­di­tions and so are rel­a­tively smooth. The Drys­tar breath­able water­proof liner Alpines­tars use has proved it­self to be very re­li­able over the years. Oth­ers to con­sider in a sim­i­lar vein are the Sidi Ad­ven­ture Gore-tex boots or the TCX X-desert Gore-tex. com­pres­sion that you can’t get it go­ing on the but­ton, but a bump in sec­ond or third gear will work be­cause it will get the en­gine turn­ing over quicker than the starter mo­tor can man­age, even when it’s healthy. As the en­gine doesn’t get nois­ier in this sit­u­a­tion, it’s easy to put off the fi­nan­cial pain of get­ting the valves ad­justed. The work costs about £280, but it’s a false econ­omy to dodge it as the hot ex­haust gases are go­ing to eat away at the bike’s valve seats and heads and you could be faced with a re­pair bill that’s three times the size. I bought a 56-plate BMW F800ST in Oc­to­ber and it’s been great. The prob­lem is that af­ter a de­cent run out, it stalls as I change down the gears at junc­tions and traf­fic lights. I’ve had the bike’s ECU up­dated with­out suc­cess. Chris Brown, email

An­swered by Steve Bel­lars, BMW GB There are two pipes that feed air from the airbox to the idle con­trol valve. Those pipes can soften over time and when you throt­tle off that cre­ates neg­a­tive pres­sure that’s some­times strong enough to close them up, starv­ing the en­gine of air so it stalls. Re­place them and all will be well.

I took my Kawasaki ZX-12R off the road sev­eral months ago al­though I have been pay­ing my road tax by di­rect debit. I got a let­ter in early July warn­ing me that it was not in­sured, but the let­ter didn’t have the DVLA logo on it so I thought it was mar­ket­ing mail and ig­nored it. Now I’ve got an­other let­ter say­ing I am be­ing fined for not in­form­ing the DVLA that the in­sur­ance had run out. Why is this a prob­lem when I am pay­ing road tax? Name and ad­dress sup­plied

An­swered by Chris Dabbs, MCN Un­for­tu­nately that first let­ter was an ‘In­sur­ance Ad­vi­sory Let­ter’ from the Mo­tor In­sur­ers Bureau as DVLA records had shown you were pay­ing tax while your bike is unin­sured. Con­tin­u­ous In­sur­ance En­force­ment leg­is­la­tion came into force in 2011 to cut down on the thou­sands of ir­re­spon­si­ble road users cruis­ing around in unin­sured ve­hi­cles. CIE says that if you take a ve­hi­cle off the road, you must make a Statu­tory Off Road No­ti­fi­ca­tion (SORN) to the DVLA. As your cover ran out in March you can see they give you a few months grace and a warn­ing too, but now you are li­able for the fine I am afraid.

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