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Honda’s retro 300 TT Racer con­cept ma­chine has been un­veiled un­der the radar but is now at­tract­ing a lot of at­ten­tion.

Like the CX- 02 it was the work of one of Honda’s out­ly­ing R&D sub­sidiaries. In this case, it was the firm’s Thai arm that de­vel­oped the bike and re­vealed it at the Bangkok show in March. And like the CX- 02, it’s just been sub­jected to the full de­sign patent treat­ment by Honda Ja­pan.

How­ever, un­like the In­dian­design CX- 02, the 300 TT Racer is a long way from be­ing road-ready. While the un­der­pin­nings are pure Honda CB300F, in­clud­ing the same sin­gle-cylin­der en­gine and tubu­lar steel frame, the body­work lacks a lot of the parts that would be needed for a pro­duc­tion ma­chine. As well as miss­ing out on vi­tal or­gans such as in­di­ca­tors and mir­rors, its short tail would be il­le­gal as it doesn’t ex­tend be­yond the tyre, and the ex­haust lacks a cat­alytic con­verter or much in terms of a si­lencer.

While that dis­counts a pro­duc­tion fu­ture for the bike in this state, Honda’s de­ci­sion to patent the de­sign sug­gests bosses are tak­ing it se­ri­ously enough to want to avoid copies. While the café-racer look of the con­cept is a step too far for pro­duc­tion, el­e­ments like the fuel tank look em­i­nently pro­duc­tion-- suit­able. Given the craze for retro ma­chines at the mo­ment, a naked 300cc sin­gle with old-school looks – there’s a hint of CB1100F to that tank shape – could eas­ily be mar­keted, with the po­ten­tial to sell bolt-ons to con­vert it to café racer or scrambler styles.

So don’t ex­pect to see the 300 TT Racer in a show­room in the fu­ture. But don’t be sur­prised if Honda pro­vides the build­ing blocks to create some­thing very sim­i­lar your­self.

‘It’s been sub­jected to the full de­sign patent treat­ment by Honda Ja­pan’

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